In this immense progression into newness, we are each fielding the energies and making them a part of our ever-evolving self. Each one of us is growing and expanding into more wholeness and holiness. This journey is challenging, and it is also rewarding. We are having an opportunity to find out who we are and move into the powerful truth of our presence here. This is an experience like no other, and unique to each.

In this process we continue to connect with our divinity, as we discover our internal God Self, just waiting to emerge and integrate. We’re feeling that connection now, initially just briefly, yet it is unmistakable. And as we do, many things drop away because they are not important and not in alignment. And we’re OK with having that happen, because as we make this new connection, things from our old life seem to pale in comparison. And we are learning to navigate as this new Self.

We are learning to navigate as this new Self.

Our spiritual vision is becoming 20/20. We see more and more clearly with each passing day. And we’re feeling more at home in the new energy.

Connecting with the God Self is the opportunity that many have now, and we can move into this connections as we become ready. This is yet another expansion of who we are and why we are here. There’s a spaciousness and timelessness as we move into this. We are not in this energy all the time, as we are moving in and out of it as we acclimate to holding this frequency. For now, we are feeling the awe of this sacred experience. It’s not something we can easily describe to anyone else. This is very personal. This is about us becoming creators. This intimate experience is just between us and the Source energy. We move with the holy light coursing thru us and feel this new connection in our whole being. We’ve reached a new level.

This will bring big changes as we continue to progress in this new consciousness and our new surroundings. Many of us are still very tired, but we can FEEL the changes taking shape, much like you can feel spring is in the air. We sense it, and this is letting us know how close we are to where we are going.

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