I now offer you a very special thing: A Mary Magdalene Workshop! 

Is it time to open the door to your life?

Many people today do not understand their own imbalance.

Hand on heart, what are you passionate about?

What makes you feel exuberant joie de vivre? And a feeling that everything is falling into place! Then you are on the right track! Let your heart guide you!

My name is Kerstin and I have walked the path of shaman. I am a clairvoyant medium and in 2013 I was given the gratifying task of writing a text with dear Mary Magdalene.

The workshop is about your inner transformation of feelings and about repairing the soul so that you find your right way!

We meet in our hearts and wherever you are, and via Skype.

Let me know if you are interested. Contact form at bottom of page!



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