for I have channeled 4 books with four different very old souls.

1.      God                       

(Kvinna du är älskad! 2012) “Woman you are loved!”

This is God´s lovedeclaration to Mother Earth, the feminine energy and to all women of Earth. All God ever wanted is balance between the feminine and masculine energy, the past milleniums the women have been handcuffed and punished and they so need their freedom and also their full balance back. But men have also been brought behind the light, not being able to be who they truly are. Not translated into English language!

Link to book!

 Kvinna du är älskad – Kerstin Eriksson – häftad (9789198054606) | Adlibris Bokhandel

2.  Mary Magdalene     

(Vägen till tro, ett brev från Maria Magdalena! 2014)       Path to Faith. Not translated into English language yet.                           

What do you dream about? The new times gives us new questions, and how can you balance yourself? Mary Magdalene guides us through the scenery of our lives and helps us to enlighten the path that we walk on, her energy is like healing sweet honey.

Link to book below!

Vägen till tro : ett brev från Maria Magdalena – Kerstin Eriksson – häftad (9789163769702) | Adlibris Bokhandel

3.  Thor, the Asagod,        

(Hand i hand med Asaguden Tor! 2019) Hand in hand with Thor. Not translated into English language yet.

Who is he, Thor? Really? Thor describes how he learned how to use his hammer and how we can learn about our own tool´s, and we walk together hand in hand and he is really my best friend after writing this good book.

Link to book below!

Hand i hand med asaguden Tor : en kanalisering – Kerstin Eriksson – Kartonnage (9789198481389) | Bokus

4. Goddesses            (The Goddesses Words of Wisdom.) Only in Swedish language.        

(Gudinnornas Visdomsord, 58 gudinnors ord till dig! 2021) 

84 Messages from 58 different Goddesses.

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