Some say who is he, really? What did he really do? 

Did he really do what is written in an old book? 

The book is important, I do not say anything else, but…!

There are things left out.

Important matters.

I wept, when a friend died.

I lost my heart to a girl and I married her.

She was my wife.

And we had our ups and downs as everyone have.

I walked on Earth just as you do now.

I listened to Mother Earth and learned about the secrets of the trees.

I watched the moon and how it walked across the sky at night and it fascinated me. 

I loved to watch the sunrise each morning, a time for me to say my first prayer for the day.

I could understand that everything in nature is connected and that I as a human being was just a little part of it.

I loved to work with wood and the material spoke to me, and it let me pick just the right piece to work with.

I was angry over injustices against those without a voice of their own.

Kindness, mercy, faith and peace are important to me, it is real energies that lives, that breathes, and they are actually real realms! 

I realized that I could choose them, to be guided by them and let them be my best friends. And to have them as my friends, my very best friends, was so important to me. They meant everything to me!

So I did this a long time ago, and I still do! More energies are now today my best friends, and it is my choice, my hearts choice.

We actually have a free will! 

You have a free will! 

What is important to you?

Ask yourself what energies are important to you!

And why should you do that?

Because your soul needs you to make a choice!

And why?

By choosing what energies are important to you, 

you define yourself!

You become clearer! And you can more easily find what you are meant to do with your life here on Earth.

Faith always works together with hope, and with love, it is a holy trinity and also a living being, a realm too!

By following my heart, I found a deep heartwarming joy that showed me that I was on the right track in my life. 

And the people I met felt my commitment. And when they asked me questions, I always listened to them and then I said: 

You can find your own joy in your heart! Ask yourself: 

What is important to you? What do you love? 

I said to the people I met: I am no master, I have simply found what I love and I let that be my altar in my life, and I believe that so can you do too!

I always want everyone to find themselves, what each and everyone loves. 

I do not have a magic tool, or magic hands, not more than you do. 

I just believe. Yes I believe always. And that may be the difference?

I always believe in the healing properties of faith, hope and love.

And I am so grateful for all the wonders that is given to me as I see and feel the healing actually work time after time, just because I believe. 

I say prayers many times a day. 

So I trust in you to love yourself. 

And I trust in you to understand that your own faith in what is most important to you, that is how you create your own path of love here on this planet Earth. 

On my altar I always have candles lit for you all day and all night.

You already walk with me and we are good friends, but your soul needs you to awaken to one more step, the defining one, so you become who you truly are!

I love you,


(I am Kerstin Eriksson and I am the channel of this message from Jesus. I started writing letters from old souls 2012 and If you like you can please follow my blog Welcome to Archangel Faith, angel letters for you! or if you like to support my writing you can buy me a coffee and I would be so grateful! 


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