The past week has been interesting. There were a couple days of not being able to do much followed by a day of easily completing the tasks that were on my list. And then today I am back to feeling like a space cadet. The level of acclimation we have reached means we are doing much better overall. We’re actually getting good at making our way in all this beautiful newness as we continue creating our New Earth.

This past week has brought some amazing magic and miracles. Often these are very personal, because after all we are designing and creating our own heaven on earth. But I share some of it so that you can know this is also happening in your life. We are all having this as we open our hearts to the divinity that dwells within.

Here is one of the magical and miraculous things that happened. For some time now, probably a couple of years, I’ve been telling people that I am inventing a helium vest so that when you trip and fall, you just float and don’t get hurt. We all take a tumble every now and then. When I lived in Minnesota, the icy winters would occasionally upend me quite quickly when I stepped out to go somewhere. Of late I know quite a few people who’ve fallen and some have broken wrists or other bones. So I’ve been mentioning the helium vests. Everyone wants one.

A couple of weeks ago, I tripped on a rug in my house and pitched forward into the wall. The wall met the side of my face, and I heard a huge whoosh of air. It was as if the air somehow created a cushion so that I wasn’t hurt. I’ve never noticed anything like that before. While I did get a small cut behind my ear, my face didn’t even get a bruise. No mark at all. Somehow the whoosh of air protected me.

Think about a leaf falling from a tree. It floats gently down until it lands. It rides the air. My fall was like that. The air surrounded me.

And then, this week on my bike ride I stopped to talk to someone I hadn’t seen in a few days. She was out walking her two big dogs, which she doesn’t do often, but it was a warm day and she wanted to get out. As we talked, along came another woman we know walking her large dog. She stopped to say hello from the other side of the road. Her dog was calm, the other two dogs wanted to play. And then the woman holding their leash got a phone call. She answered, stopped paying attention to her dogs, and they pulled free and raced across the road.

Everything happened so fast there was no time to react. There was barking and commotion. The woman on the other side of the road had turned to go, and the two dogs, in trying to get to her dog, bumped her from behind. She flew thru the air and then landed flat on the ground. But what was miraculous was that it was as if a cushion of air caught her and created a very soft landing, like a leaf. I’ve never seen anyone land like that. She jumped up and meanwhile, her dog had circled back to draw the other two dogs away from her and he stood very serenely, head held high, calming the two rambunctious dogs. Both women grabbed the loose leashes and we checked to make sure no one was hurt.

The next day I saw the woman who fell, and she said, she wasn’t hurt, and she felt like something protected her or cushioned her. It was a soft, light landing.

It felt like the “helium vest” I’ve been dreaming into being was activated.

The worlds we are creating are spreading out around us and impacting others.

We have no idea what we’re capable of creating, and it may not emerge exactly as we’ve envisioned. But keep dreaming, keep creating. Everything we are creating will make our New Earth truly a heaven. The worlds we are creating are spreading out around us and impacting others. And we have the power to hold this space and make the potential of 5D a reality in our here and now. This is the new consciousness at work, thru us, informing everyone we cross paths with. They are experiencing things that make them wonder what happened, and they are seeing the newness for themselves. This will create a lot of acceleration, and we will start to see that now.

Our role—and this message is from the Divine Mother—is to hold the space for all these impossible things to happen. Because we are going to see a lot of them.

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