How We Can Answer Your Prayers ∞The 12D Creators, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“We are here for you. We are The Creators. We are a twelfth-dimensional collective of nonphysical beings, and we are here to help.

We love and respect you so much that we would never desire to trample upon your free will, and yet, we ask you for your assistance in assisting you. We know that there is much you would like to see happening there on Earth that isn’t happening in your current moment, and while we cannot make anything happen in your reality, we certainly can set wheels in motion energetically for you. And that is what you are getting when you are getting a prayer answered. You are getting an energetic response that sets wheels into motion that can bring something to fruition that you desire, but no one can make something happen in your reality without your agreement.

Your agreement can come at the mental level, yes, but it also must come vibrationally. You must be a match to that which you seek, and while we can start the process of bringing something to you that you desire individually or collectively, you must then match it in order to receive it. Now, matching what you desire does not have to be difficult. It does not have to involve mathematical equations. You do not have to figure out what the right frequency is in order to bring it about. But rather, we suggest that you relax into the feeling of it as best you can. 

Have faith and know that all you desire is on its way to you. When you are in that level of relaxation, you are in the mode of having your prayers answered. If you are in doubt or in fear, you are less likely to receive that which you have asked for, and you must then believe in yourself and in your ability to rise up to the level of consciousness that is a match to what you have asked for. You are co-creators in all of this. You are participating in your lives, and you are the ones who are determining what it is you would like to see.

Therefore, the asking matters. You being there matters, and what you have asked for is a better reality. That better reality is being determined by you. What you are living is important, and you are big factors in the reality creation equation. We and the other non-physicals who seek to help you will continue to do our part, but we want you to know that we cannot simply override your vibration. Your faith in us helps you. It helps you to recognize that you have help on the other side, and that is how your belief in that which is non-physical serves you, but we will also always encourage you to believe in yourselves and in your abilities.

Some of you have yet to tap in to even a fraction of your ability to create, to become one with that which you have created, and this is something that we seek to help you with in each of our transmissions of energy that we bring forth to you. We do hope that this transmission has helped to make it more clear to you how we work with you and how we can be of service to you. 

We are The Creators, and we love you very much.” 

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