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“You Helped Created a New Human Species” was the title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly channeled blog for

Dear Ones,

In the next few days, you will undergo a significant shift. Even though you have shifted almost continuously since you began your transition journey, the shifts happening now are more profound than you are accustomed to.

As is true for any growth, each shift adds to what has already been achieved. So, it is an accumulation instead of a lone addition. And with each accumulation, the depth of knowing or sensing grows exponentially. In a sense, shifting from being amazed at the wonders of your baby rattle to reading words and creating concepts with those words.

You are fully enmeshed in your new being, even if it might not feel like you are in certain circumstances or moments. You are combining what you know into a complete New You package – understanding what you wish to develop or study and what no longer interests you.

Of course, we of the Universes have previously stated similar concepts. The difference is that until now, you were most likely adapting, reviewing, or accepting one piece at a time. Within the next few days, you will begin to combine your bits of knowledge into a greater whole. 

You will probably feel dazed – similar to feelings before a final exam in an uncomfortable subject. As was often true for that final exam, even though you will guess at some answers and activities, overall, you will pass with flying colors. What was is no more. And what is is just beginning.

Think of the next few days as the time you spent worrying about your final exam results. And then, in the days following, allowing yourself a “Bravo” for a job well done.

Even though the hesitation, the fear you feel in the next few days, will be as painful as your fears about the outcomes of those classes you did not appreciate or enjoy, the aftermath will be, “I passed! I did it.”

Every one of you will pass, even though many of you reading this material will question your ability to do so – especially with the significant amount of universal energies floating about. Perhaps it might help you understand if you imagine trying to study for a challenging final exam and your sibling or roommate insists on distracting you with loud music or conversation.

Your successful outcome is a given.

So the question becomes, why do you feel distracted? Such is so because you are giving up a life that seemed normal to 3D you but is not necessarily suitable for new you. Your distraction is trying to determine what is right for new you while those in the background are clamoring, “Here, over here, no over here,” all of which is what or who you used to be but are no longer.

At the beginning of this significant energy burst, you will question the wisdom of your new thoughts or needs for specific actions. By the end, you will not care what anyone wants or needs because you will know who you are. This is a new world, and you are finalizing a new you.

You are ready to live in this new world despite your former fears or need to function as you thought you should. So be it. Amen.

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