The skies were stunning in many places last weekend, and the geomagnetic storms that were creating all those reds and greens and streaming whites were also quietly creating big shifts in those of us on this long and winding path. Sunday thru Tuesday I was mostly on the couch, barely able to keep my eyes open, with almost no appetite or ability to get much done. It lifted Tuesday afternoon and by Wednesday and I was re-energized and able to catch up.

I could tell by then that I was different once again. When I went to do errands I felt like I was navigating a very different world. I was even further from the familiarity of it. The old world seemed distant and I had to remind myself how it worked. It had become more foreign.

We now find ourselves gliding, almost flying in the new energy, quickly and effortlessly accomplishing many necessary things. Serendipities abound, and our intuitive guidance is on the mark.

I had to mail an international package at the post office. A very challenging person helped me, and I reminded myself I had no idea what her day or week or life was like. I chose not to become snagged. I simply mailed the package. Our focus is laser-like now, allowing us to eliminate all the non-essential elements. Much of our freedom in the new energy comes from this. We’ve weeded out the old and it’s creating space to be who we are, which is an incredible blessing. We are being graced with the freedom to discover our unique and amazing and powerful beauty. We are gorgeous and divine beings of light emerging from the morass of a confining cocoon. We are finding our wings.

One evening this week, on my bike ride, a little boy about 3, wearing pajamas and riding a scooter, stopped to say hi to me. He was a good distance ahead of his parents. In the sweetest voice ever, he asked, “How is your day so far?” It was 7:15 pm, so the day was almost over, but I said, “So far, really good. I hope yours is too.” His question and the way he asked it made my heart sing. The purity of his energy had a beautiful impact, and that’s the direction we are all headed. We will all move into impacting in uplifting ways, instead of the typical heaviness we sometimes still encounter now, that we ourselves used to share.

So we are seeing the highs and the lows, and we’re no longer hampered by the lows. We conduct our business and carry on, because there are places to go and things to do, flowers to smell, birds to hear, and deer to watch. Nature is our botanical salve right now with its colors and contrasts, damp, mossy woods and flowered fields. And oh! Baby ducklings in the pond. We are choosing where to focus.

When we are in alignment, our intuition is there too, and we are getting messages right as they are needed. This is the way we are designed to work, as aligned beings with an impeccable guidance system. We are experiencing this now, and it can be surprising to see the precision and perfection of this system, because for so long we were so far from it.

We are supposed to work at the new level now, not at the 3D level, tho you will see that your work at the new level filters down into 3D. We are guided to our new work, our Light Jobs or Light Service. It may feel like we are not doing a lot, but that is only in comparison to work in 3D, which is labor intensive. Light Service is far easier and you will notice the effortless, engaging nature of it.

So we’ve shifted again, our intuition is more expanded, our hearts are happier, and we are less impacted by what remains of the old experience.

I’m including some photos I took on Saturday night (May 11) of the “energy.” The sky was clear, the stars were out, there was no red or green that some were seeing. I pointed my phone at the moon. Each time a photo was taken, I could see white plasma swirling everywhere. In the photos, it looks like close-up clouds. This is the energy we were feeling, all this plasma that was sent our way to catapult us even further into our New Earth. And it worked. Even if we didn’t see it with our eyes, we felt it. We’re reframing and recasting everything. We’re seeing with new eyes and new hearts and enjoying the expansion and connection with our new world.

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