As we move into our new experience we are making it our own. We’re in a beautiful process of purification. We are being shown any remaining problematic patterns that we still hold and then poof, we clear them. They go easily. We’re even looking at individual thoughts to see which are still old ones, which beliefs are clearly 3D and not yet 5D. This is how we evolve at this moment as we embrace our immensely important roles as creators. Because we are the creators of our New Earth and it is becoming clear with each passing day what a mammoth job this is. And yet each does their part.

This week there were strong energies helping us to release patterns we didn’t even realize we had, as they popped up and became visible. Those of us who have spent years releasing old patterns will notice how easy this process is now, because we’re now seeing the patterns so clearly and clearing them so effortlessly.

We’ve had a couple nights where we couldn’t sleep, and a couple where sleep was deep and wonderful. And as we are remade in this powerful energy, we may find ourselves at times off-balance. Easy does it. We continue to integrate.

Twice this week, when I went out to do errands, I experienced the new energy encompassing me. Tuesday a new sweatshirt I had ordered came in the mail, and unfortunately it had a security tag on it. I went to a store where I sometimes shop for groceries and clothing and household items, and they told me that they can’t remove tags from other stores. The employee told me if I could find a strong magnet, that would do the trick. I did not want to go on a wild goose chase, so I tuned in to see where to go and heard the local hardware store. And indeed, the employee I talked to had a small magnet on his keychain, and when he held it next to the tag, it came off. It saved me the trouble of having to mail the sweatshirt back to the retailer, and I was grateful.

When we go into this new energy of connection, the crystalline consciousness, there is a feeling of love, of blessing, of gratitude, and of magic. You can feel it in your entire being. We are carried by it.

We are finding ourselves both immersed in this energy now and carried by it. I am noticing it strongly when I go to do errands. There is a buoyancy and a flow and we notice we are supported in innumerable ways. We find small miracles everywhere. We find odd things happening with time. There is a spirit of cooperation. We feel blessed. We are filled with joy. At times we are moved to tears by the outpouring of love we encounter. There are those who are beginning to see who we are, and to be seen in our new form by the ones we know is a powerful, moving experience. The new energy courses thru us strongly when this happens. We are being welcomed home. Welcomed into who we are becoming.

When someone can see who we are, they are also beginning to see who they are, and opening their hearts to the new consciousness. We don’t need words for this. Our hearts come together.

We are creating all the time, with all our thoughts. If you have a thought you don’t want to create, cancel it and bring in a thought you do want to see come into being. Because much of this creation is immediate.

Here is how we are creating. I needed a new lightweight winter jacket that was water resistant. As I was driving to the grocery store, I heard an ad on the radio for a store I had never been in. Their winter jackets were 50% off. So I stopped there and found a wonderful jacket for $44. And it had elastic cuffs to keep the wind out, something I’ve been looking for. The color was what I’d been picturing. It was is if this jacket had been created for me and everything aligned to help me find it. Our guidance and support are very strong right now.

The changes we are experiencing go beyond words. Describing what is taking place doesn’t begin to capture it. This is beyond what we’ve experienced in the old world, and incredibly magical. In these energies, everything clicks into place.

My son sent me this picture his wife took of some beautiful Christmas lights. But as she snapped the picture, the magic took over, and the photo emerged as something quite beautiful and intriguing. This is a perfect depiction of the energy we are in. I hope you are also feeling it.

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