Todays channeling “A flower is a flower” (down below) starts for me, Kerstin, over 10 years back in time, with the memory of having a high fever and taking my dog for a walk, being kissed by a deva, and told an interesting story about a special place I lived nearby at the time, and it is for me like the circle is complete!

“Hallo dear I reconnect today to you, for you once found the twinplace to Amritzar in India!

You where sick and having a high fever and you had to walk your dog in the middle of the winter in the Northern part of Sweden.

I remember it was 20 degress minus Celcius, and you just wanted to get indoors to lay down in your bed.

But the dog was more important and you took him for a walk across the bridge over the frozen river.

In the cold wind and snowfall you shivered in your fever and you suddenly got a chock.

An invisible being kissed you on your cheek and you also felt that the being was very kind, loving and gentle, and you could feel the warmth from its lips.

And you where so surprized! Who are you you asked the being, that you could not see!

“-I am a deva, and I am also called Alfhild! I protect the Elfves. And I want to talk to you about the place that lies close by from here. And the deva explained.

The place over there is a very special place, it is like a wheel, in the ground. It is like a wheel with a hub in the middle.

And I did not really know what to think, as I had a lot of fever and it was so cold outdoors, almost a snowstorm.

But somehow the warm kiss, had made me a little bit warmer, and the deva continued explaining to me:

“The “wheel” has twelve “spokes” spreading out all around your planet, she said, and one goes to Stone Henge, others go to other places…but this very hub, the essence of this place is that it is a twin place with Amritzar in India! And this place here where you live is like the second breast of Mother Earth and it flows with milk and nectar and its energy gives life all around the planet!

And in India in Amritzar the holy nectar flows abundantly, she continued as I stod there in the cold winter wheather. As I came back indoors, I wanted to ask so many questions about twinplaces.

There are twinplaces everywhere.

Just as we humans have twin souls, twin flames. The EARTH has also twin places.

I had just moved to a place in Jamtland in Sweden (2011). I really was meant to get to know this sacred place, that actually appears to be twin place with Amritzar in India.

And yesterday 20 feb 2023, I get a mission from the one who founded the very city of Amritzar? 

Wow I am so blessed. Thank you!

So now comes the channeling :

“A flower is a flower!

I love you I am Guru Ram Das and I lived for many hundreds of years ago on Earth. 

I think you who live on Earth today is very brave! 

You as a soul choosed to come and live and learn, just as I did once, and yes I had resistance in my life too, but not as much as you have now. Humanity has evolved a great deal since I lived on Earth, but what can hinder you the most are all your options!

You have so many options, so many choises because you always look with your eyes open!

Sometimes you as the modern person think you have a harder time to connect or reconnect with your inner source? Yes the hinder is all your options all the time, that you don´t have time to filtrate enough.

My suggestion is: Close your eyes every day, and sit still. You can of cource meditate at this moment! Very good!

Just to observe a tree, with leaves that moves in the wind is much to take in. But this can also be very relaxing and meditative for you.

I recommend the nature! I recommend for you to empty yourself, emptying your mind through closing your eyes for a moment each day.

You as a modern person look at tv, videos, films, different medias, or just by walking through the town there are many impressions that takes its course through you and your mind and soul.

There is a lot to filter for the modern person. But you also get more advanced and can deal with it too, of course.

But a tree is a tree. A flower is a flower! Stay natural! Make your life as simple and nice as you can! 

Please ask me if you have any questions!

Much love,

Ram Das”

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