A long time ago I lived on Earth, my Mother.

I have lived many times on this beloved Mother and for each life that I lived, I learned many things.

I learned, and I developped and my patience grew.

The learning process, the very learning about existance on planet, does not come easy.

To exist on this planet means; pain, but also pleasure, sorrow but also joy, it means that you experience a duality.

There is day and there is night. There is hot days and cold nights. And there is feminine and masculine energy.

There are sweet and also salty flavours. 

There are so many contrasts, and so there are even more angles to life and how to look upon it.

As a soul you apply to go to Earth, to go to the university of Gaia. To learn the most difficult lessons of life. 

And why this? When it is so painful? Traumatising? Sad?

Well, there is a catch!

You are already made of a material, energies, as for instance love!

So. You come to learn about yourself! About love, faith, hope, patience, gratefulness, harmony, and more.

The older you get, the wiser you become, the more you realize that love, the lessons in love are the most important you can ever have.

Because you dig deeper and deeper into yourself and the very love being that you are, but have forgotten about, as you came tho this planet.

And why is it necessary to come here, to go through hardships that seem cold and negative, when you could have learned about it in a book in heaven?

It is all about learning by doing!

You have to pull your life-thread through the eye of the needle!

And then you weave the most interesting and beautiful cloth of life, your life and soul.

You can read a lot of books! Yes it is good! But they can never replace an original experience of your own soul.

You are going back to love! The very creation of this planet was something that was very carefully planned.

And the joint creators that met before the big bang talked and discussed for a long while before they started to create what you now live on.

They could see into time, and the result that all would become love once again. But not without a struggle! Not without pain or sorrow.

But love will reign once again as it is the natural way.

Love is the energy with the most patience. 

Love is the energy with the most gratitude.

Love is the energy with faith and hope of the holy heart.

So you have to be patient and love will conquer all!

Live your life with grace, it is easy to say? But it will transform your life!

Living your life with heartfelt gratitude opens the door to higher dimensions! 

Gratitude itself is a realm of its own!

Accepting self, letting go of negative thoughts is creating a miracle of grand proportions.

I love you, I am a learner, I have learned many things and that I can never learn to much, that is impossible.

And yet, in the smallest of nutshells there lies a simple and wonderful truth of growth and it is up to you and your free will to add the ingredient of love.

Love is a choise! Love is a path that you choose to walk, to breath.

You can choose to plant all your seeds with love.

When you choose love, you acknowledge yourself and your true essence.

All possibilities are like seeds. All wishes are like seeds. Everything you love to do has the potential of being a seed that you can make grow.

I walk beside you and if you want I will hold your hand.

Just let me know!

I love you,


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