I am a cat and many of you call me Bastet or Bast and I am very old. 

I have seen so many things, I have seen so many happenings and have made many choices in favour to peace.

There is really only one way to go: to go the Peace-walk.

If you are sincerely interested in peace, being peaceful is the only way.

To put all the cards on the table is also a must do! Being totally honest! Just by being yourself!

And why do I speak of this, tonight?

Well, a very well orchestrated league of battle-interested people want to rule the world!

I want you to see right through their talk, and really understand what they are doing with their hands, with both of their hands. 

Do they sit down on the ground and talk to each other? Do you see them sit in a circle around a fire of peace? 

You are humans and you have different ideas. Everyone of you are unique.

Everyone of you have an unique idea how peace should be, and look like. That is how it must be. But the very little thing is: how can you join the peacetalk? Where must you gather to do the peacetalk, what can you do? The very leaders of each country of Earth must listen to you, the people of the green grass, the people that know so much.

You are also the people from the stars for you are the Lightworkers.

So sit down on the ground on the green grass, invite people to talk around a fire of peace. This is how you make peace, by letting everybody speak their mind.

Talk to each other, sit in this holy circle that your ancestors did and talk it out, if you jump over this ritual, there is much more likely to be a war?

Sitting on the ground means also that no one can hide anything under the table, no more secrets.

Talk to your family, to your friends, to your neighbours. You are the ones that create the future.

What world do you want the children to inherit?

A world where everyone listens to each other? And sits down and just hear everyone out?

Peace comes from being peaceful and doing things in a friendly way.

It is about living a slower life! No rush! No stress! To be able to listen to someone, you can not be rushed into it, you have to be living your life in peace, in a positive pace. 

Every new day is newborn, and please love each new day and live in each day without stress. So you can talk and make peace. So you can listen to other people, and make a loving peace for the future to come.

I love you 


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