No matter what arises, we continue to turn our focus to the light. We know where we are headed, so in spite of what is happening over there or way over there, we are steadfast. Our allegiance is pure. And we are indefatigable in our spirit, which knows.

We are reminded to return to love. And now we are also reminded to welcome all, without judgment. They will each have their own experience, because the journey to the light clears and cleanses. We are being shown to hold the welcoming energy in our heart, the openness.

We have reached a plateau, and we can stop to take in the view from this vantage point. We can see the busyness of the old world swirl around us in so many ways, we can even dip into it to check on things and offer our help. But it is clear we are not based there anymore. Many in that space are waking up. One person I know told me this week that she has stopped listening to mainstream news because it is biased and it’s not supposed to be. “And it’s too upsetting,” she added. “I need to have my life be calm.”

In spite of all the light we are anchoring, we are still dealing with 3D ramifications and issues. And we are searching for our best course of action with these issues.

In my neighborhood, nearly the entire elk herd was recently slaughtered. Seventy-seven of them are gone, there are a handful left, 5 babies and a few adults. This happened because one landowner complained about a couple broken fences. I have to say, in all the years I’ve lived here, I’ve never seen the elk damage anything or cause problems as they wander thru the fields and woods and dunes and neighborhoods. But increasing tourism has caused some problems when people have been disrespectful and tried to approach them, especially when they have their young with them.

Several years ago, I was riding my bicycle on a new road where there were no houses yet, and something spooked the herd. It seemed to come out of nowhere, running up behind me, hooves pounding. Then it split and magically flowed around me on both sides. I said a small prayer, and I have to say it was exhilarating to feel the energy of these magnificent beings as they ran past me. Not one of them touched me or got in my way as I kept riding. For a few glorious moments I was right in the center of them, feeling the incredible wildness and freedom. And then off they went into the woods.

In the years I have lived here, I have often run into them on my walks and rides and always we have given each other respectful distance.

Monday night there was a city council meeting in the neighboring town about the elk. It was standing room only, the biggest turnout ever for a city council meeting, according to the mayor. No comments were allowed, but council members asked questions of the Department of Fish and Wildlife representative who was there. While he said protocol was followed, it was clear to everyone that we all need to step forward to protect our vision for our communities. We can no longer assume that things will be well taken care of and we don’t have to pay attention.

The groundswell is here. In our hearts we know that now is the time. We have to stand up for what we want, for what we believe. We need to show up. We need to speak out. We need to make choices.

And this is what is happening now. We are at the choice point. Where we go from here is our choice. It is on each of us to feel what is in our heart, in our soul, for the world we want for ourselves and our children and future generations.

Let us all choose our worlds now, our worlds of peace and joy and co-creation. Our worlds where animals can be free to roam and have ample space, where we live in harmony and mutual respect.

The truth is rising up to be seen. We cannot blindly trust others to make choices for us. We each need to do this for ourselves. Let us all choose our worlds now, our worlds of peace and joy and co-creation. Our worlds where animals can be free to roam and have ample space, where we live in harmony and mutual respect. Let us all choose sovereignty and follow the guidance that is within us, into the light-filled time that is making itself known now with each passing moment. Let us embrace this newness and willingly release all that doesn’t work. And let us create. Because this is the power that has now been passed to us. Let us dream and let us create and let us go forth, strong and brave and purposeful. Let us, for once and for all, shine the holiness that lives within, shine it so brightly that everything is transformed. Let none of us be a home anymore for the doubt, the negativity, the pain, the suffering and the judgment that we thought was part of life.

And let us remember that beginning now, we can make the choice to move fully into the light. It is here for all of us.

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