In this new energy we are experiencing convergence and alignments, where things come together in unexpected and magical ways. When it happens, you can feel it, and you know something is happening, even if you don’t know all of what is taking place. This is way beyond synchronicity. The energy converges and everyone is enlivened by it, because they can feel something is happening too. They move into the present moment and become focused and connected. These alignments pull everyone in, especially those not doing this work or aware of what is taking place. These alignments will become more frequent now, and involve more people, because in the new energy we are connected and unified, and we are experiencing working together in the new frequencies.

That said, these new frequencies that we are bringing in thru our physical systems are making us tired. People are reporting being very tired during the day. So just do your best. Rest and give yourself messages of encouragement. We can totally do this.

I just had an experience with convergence and alignments. A friend invited me to dinner on Wednesday. Shortly before I went I learned her whole family would be there, 8 of us altogether. I almost cancelled, but something pushed me to go. She told me what she was making, and it’s not something I love, but I knew I could eat a little bit of it. For a couple days I had been saying, I really want to have a certain dish for dinner, but I didn’t want to make it. But I hadn’t said that to anyone else. Anyway, when I arrived, her brother-in-law had made that very dish. It was random and perfect. This new creative punch we are packing is really bringing some interesting and fun results, even when we don’t believe 100% that it will happen.

The energy converges and everyone is enlivened by it, because they can feel something is happening too.

When we see things like this happening, we can sometimes feel a convergence beginning. I wondered what else might take place. Remember, sometimes all we can do is hold the space to see what happens. We had a wonderful dinner and some light conversation, and as we finished, my phone rang. It was in my pocket and I hadn’t put it on silent. It was an unusual time to get a call, but I checked. It was a number I didn’t recognize so I didn’t answer. A minute later, we heard the sound indicating a message was left. My friend’s sister said, “A message! Let’s see what it says. Maybe your car warranty is expired!” We were all assuming it was something like that. But instead it was a longtime neighbor who has never called me. He said he had to ask me something.

Interestingly, out of the blue my friend had just asked me for this person’s phone number but I didn’t have it. She wanted to thank him for something. The convergence energies were getting stronger.

What are the odds that the very person she had asked me about, who has never called me, would call when I was at her house? Again, this seemed random and also convergent. So I said, “I’ll call him and you can say thank you.”

When I called he asked if my power was out. I said I wasn’t home, but was having dinner a couple blocks away. He told me the power on our street was out and would be out for 12 hours. We were all immediately happy that the power was on at my friend’s house. But I really didn’t want to go home to a dark house. He also asked about something that had just happened in the neighborhood. And then my friend joined the call to tell him thank you.

Everyone had become very present and energized with this phone call and the information it brought. And we were wondering what caused the outage. The usual culprit was a windy storm. But it was a beautiful evening.

And then I found out one of the people at dinner worked for the power company so she began checking to see what was going on. She gave me the updates she was getting.

About 20 minutes later the gathering ended. As I got in my car I said, I need the power back on. Thank you.

I decided to drive past another friend’s house to see if she had power. She and her husband just moved to this area. As I got to the road I live on, there were lights! I checked her house and she had power. I headed toward my house, feeling happier and happier with every lit-up house I passed. Finally I could see my house, and I had power too. As I pulled into the garage, the power company called to say the power would be out until 9 am the next day, but they were working to restore it.

I laughed with delight. It’s OK, I have power.

It was the best feeling, and also a strange feeling, to think that I had gotten 4 calls that the power would be out till 9 am, but it was back on already. I called the neighbor who had called me and he said he had gone to a friend’s house. He was surprised to find out we had power because the power company had just called him too, saying 9 am.

So when I asked for the power to come back on, I knew I could create that and just had to ask. It was the most interesting feeling to know that, and then to see that it worked. And to feel what that felt like as it took place, as the old system was overridden by the new manifestation abilities that are available now.

In the heightened energies, we have to realize we can create in this way and we also have to begin to do it. Even if someone tells us, “Here’s what’s taking place,” we have to know that we can CREATE the scenario we want to have. We can create our own earthly paradise. And of course we are working for the good of all as we create our new worlds around us. This is something that will ultimately benefit everyone.

But during this event, I felt separate from it. That felt odd, and it goes with the way we are feeling separate from the old world now. It feels distant from us, because there is a frequency distance.

Notice how things are aligning and converging in your experience. What are you creating? What do you want to create? For those who are ready, we are in the creation phase. It’s time to create, and to honor the divine power that is burgeoning within you as we evolve from the old world to the new.

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