I am not political. But I don´t like bad things either.

Today I saw a photo of Mr Donald Trump on my computer and I felt that he is in immediate danger.

So I found an internet site, and I sent him an email. But I don´t even know if anyone will read it.

I guess we are all in danger sometimes, it comes and goes for all of us, now and then, and if you are a public person the potential for this increases?

I live in a tiny country in the northern hemisphere and why would anyone care for what I feel?

I just happen to be a clarivoyant medium, a psychic, it is being a type of messenger from other realms/worlds/dimensions and I work via my guides, and one of them is an eagle.

Many years ago I flew with my eagle over a big water and over a big land and I landed on a persons left shoulder.

I saw my claws gripping tightly onto this shoulder. I just sat there, and I got really bored. The person had blond hair.

The person talked and talked and talked. 

And I just got curious and leaned down to really look at the face.

And I just got chocked for it was Mr Donald Trump.

I just wish for peace and love and the way to do this is with friendly talks and a capacity to be able to listen to others. 

And of course putting down all weapons and stop all violence, it is a choice, it is a conscious choice every person have to make individually in their heart and mind.

I light candles and pray for peace and love each day.



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