I am Michael and I have something that is very important to say!

I really love you!

But. Wasn´t you going to say something very important? You might think now?

Well what can be more important? Than love? I actually don´t know!

There is a lot of talk about ascension here and there, and there is a lot of talk about energies here and there and how you might feel it and how it would influence your daily life and so on.

And there is also scare techniques out there too, you read and you get scared and you get many questions and no one can really answer your questions? Do you recognize this?

You must break free from this! 

Love is the answer! Love is the strongest energy! Love will conquer all negative agendas, I promise you.

Some entities eat negative energies. Like a buffé on a resturant.

Don´t feed them your worries. Or fears. There is no need to for love will win!

The whole consept is to make you scared, and worried, their technique is taking a swing with your emotions, like a detour into a cul-de-sac.

It is true. It is like a war. Between the good and the bad.

But don´t worry. Love will win! Love ALWAYS wins!

The bad want you to stay in the dead-end filled with fears and doubts, so you don´t think there is a way out!

The negative agenda is grabbing you by the balls of fear, keeping you on your toes, so I say once again I LOVE YOU.

Love will conquer all! Trust your heart, follow your beloved dreams!

Whenever you don´t find heartfelt good vibrations, turn around and leave. Don´t accept anything less. You decide!

You carry love within you always, let this beloved energy guide you.

Some say it is a jungle out there, and yes it is, but you have a natural lantern that glows in the dark, and you know it, have faith in yourself and meditate regularly, preferably once every day.

So I say once again, have faith in love, it is the easiest most natural way of living, but it is easy to forget when turmoil of negative energies makes you distressed.

Know that the sun always shines above all the grey clouds.

I love you, I love you, I love you,


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