We are moving into our divine observer perspective, which gives us a different vantage point and allows us to access the new consciousness. And doing that lets us see differently and choose differently. We see with a broader, clearer lens, bypassing the way we might interpret solely thru our ego. We see from the clarity and purity and wisdom of the crystalline consciousness. And we then act from the crystalline consciousness as well. And we can feel the alignment and freedom that creates.

In these new frequencies, this divine observer perspective is available. We can access it by taking a step back from the normal or habitual way that we are seeing things and align with this crystalline consciousness. We let that consciousness rise up around us, surround us. And once we feel it, we observe anew. We can ask to see a situation with fresh eyes. We see it without judgment or defense or solution. Whatever was taking place begins to look different. It changes. For instance, if there was some potential drama in a 3D situation, the drama drops away and all that is left is the beauty of why we are here: to be love, to embody love, to share love. This may take some practice, but it is available now. The new perspective gives different information and you will feel the truth and resonance of it. You may have an aha moment.

In these new frequencies, this divine observer perspective is available.

I just spent a day in this energy. The day began with a phone call bringing drama, related to a committee I am on, and I felt my old self want to respond. But because I had just been shown to move into the divine observer perspective, I did that. My responses then began to come from that new perspective. I listened. Many things fell away as unimportant or not something for me to do. I allowed others to step up. The convergence energies were strong, moving people toward solutions. I could not believe how much took place, and all I had to do was keep removing myself from the old world and back into divine observer perspective. There was very little for me to do other than support those choosing to take part.

Doing this moves us into our power as creators. We can almost feel our rocket boosters ignite. It was a bit warmer on the day this took place. The sun was out and I wanted to ride my bike, so I did. I spent about 2 hours riding and talking to people who stopped me to talk about what had happened. I kept myself out of having to help. I stayed in my new perspective, and there was an outpouring of support and love and others wanting to step forward. I didn’t have to be involved. Any knee-jerk reactions were nipped in the bud; instead people were pulled into the new energy of cooperation. It was amazing to experience. I kept reminding myself to simply do what I enjoyed. Even tho some in the old world might view this as selfish, choosing to do what makes us happy is powerful. Just the act of choosing amplifies the power of the New Earth to impact everyone with these new frequencies. To bring the new into being, we have to embody it. We are literally anchoring this energy for everyone.

So I rode my bike in the sun while several people got things done that they chose to do. I focused on holding the energy of the New Earth. Right now, this is powerful work for those of us who are creating. It takes focus and intention and commitment. We’re choosing something new, thus we don’t want to drop into the old ways we might have used in the past. We don’t want to get distracted. By doing this, we are becoming this, and this is important now, because the new is created and held in place by those of us doing this work.

Someone seeing us might not realize what we’re doing. Oh, that person is riding her bike, or working in her yard, or taking a walk, or driving or buying groceries. They don’t see the celestial weaving we are doing with our growing creative power. We’re working on this magnificent new tapestry with incredible focus and determination as we watch it take shape. We’re creating our New Earth for us and for all who are willing to choose a new way of being. We’re not willing to be distracted or waylaid now, because we know where we’re headed. We’ve begun to experience it, because our awakening self has connected with something miraculous. And within us is the remembrance and the recognition.

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