I did what I did, once upon a time, not thinking more than just; 

I wanted to be of help to other people!

To be kind and help another person, has nothing to do with religion!

Everything starts with you, and your heart!

What you do with the gesture of kindness, and selflessness, does not need a lable.

If you hold a religious symbol in your hand, it does not make you into a good person, automatically.

What matters is what you do! 

What matters is what you choose to do with your own hands! It has to do with what steps you take, and in what direction ou choose to go.

Does your steps lead to someone that needs help? Or does your steps lead to more personal wealth? More gold? More juwels?

When pockets are filled with juwels and gold and still no one cares for anyone else? When people are hungry? And children suffer the most God bless them.

Look to yourself and not a leader with great wealth, or golden figurines, like some king. A true kind heart does not need this, it would share it instead.

You have your true faith in your heart! And your heart does not need gold nor jewellry.

Your heart need sincerity. Love. Patience. Harmony. Gratitude. Joy.

And your true heart needs justice in the name of love.

You are the chalice of love and devotion, please have faith in yourself. You body is the dwelling of your soul, like your own personal church.

Your heart is the sender and receiver of messages to and from God.

Your faith is the telefonnumber to God, just make the call and talk!

You can communicate with God from wherever you are. Always.

Just remember to always have faith in yourself!

I love you,


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