In the last post I wrote about how we are experiencing convergence energies now. Convergence is happening in the higher frequencies as we move into the unified field. These energies are showing us there is no separation, and for the ones working at this level, you will be seeing this. In other words, those working to create the New Earth will see how these energies are coming together and will learn how to use this convergence in their creation work.

In the grocery store this past week I had another experience with these energies. A couple of days earlier, a new neighbor texted me to ask where he could find chickpeas. I replied, any store. He said he went to one and they didn’t have any. I said they are also called garbanzos and he said, no he wanted a specific chickpea. So I was unable to help.

But two days later, I was in the store and an employee walked up to me and said, “The chickpeas are here. They are also called garbanzos.” Once again, as I said in the last blog post, what are the odds? This was so strange and yet also clearly orchestrated, but orchestrated by the higher frequencies where we are all connected and working together for the greater good. It is beautiful to begin to experience this energy. And to know that these frequencies are being impacted by us and what we are intending, and are being reflected back to us as they are created around us. We are seeing the New Earth take shape, and we are seeing even people who don’t know this is taking place being impacted by these energies and becoming a part of them. This is very fluid and very powerful. These energies are everywhere now.

These convergence energies are creating a unified field for us to come together.

These convergence energies are creating a unified field for us to come together. For those of us who have been working wherever we have been called to work, quietly and largely on our own, and coming together with others primarily in the dreamtime, this is exciting to experience. We will see that we are not working alone anymore, we are working together with the others who are doing this work, all over the planet. What we are creating is becoming visible. We are experiencing the New Earth now in many visible ways.

We are feeling the joy and the happiness that is part of these new frequencies. And sharing that joy. I met a friend to ride Saturday afternoon, and when I saw her coming I was so surprised. Her whole bike was decorated for the holidays. Lights, a little tree, a garland and bells. She handed me a bag of lights and garland for my bike. It was just getting dark. I suggested we show a neighbor who had surgery a couple months ago and isn’t allowed to ride her bike yet. We rang her bell and she peered out thru the window to see who it was. Her face lit up and she opened her door. “You make me want to join you,” she said. “You’re having too much fun. You could be in a parade.” She was smiling the whole time she talked to us. And my friend and I had a great ride, our own little holiday parade in the growing dark. There was no traffic on the quiet street. In the midst of everything going on, we can still create happiness and a high-frequency experience and continue to anchor the energies of our new home.

Her whole bike was decorated for the holidays. Lights, a little tree, a garland and bells.

As we each do this, we express our divine power, the power of our divinity. We expand our truth and express the song of our soul. The song of our soul is a match for these new frequencies, and that’s what creates the happiness. In the gloaming, red and green and white twinkling lights moving down the road, and celestial music. Yes, happiness is being created.

Now is the time to move ahead in our full power, to feel that power within and to move past any who would try to hold us back with 3D issues and drama. Because this too will be visible. We bring love to every challenge. We bring love to ourselves and the ones we care about. We bring love to the planet for our heaven on earth.

We have cleared our old patterns, and in the wake of that, societal patterns and programs are being cleared. It has to happen, because the energy has shifted. In the refined frequencies of the new, there is no room anymore for the old. Keep creating, keep envisioning, keep holding the strong, beautiful, no-nonsense energy of the new. We’re doing this together, all of us, and each one of us is playing a part.

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