During this remarkable shift of a lifetime, the transformation we’ve all been working on brings us into alignment with a new way of being. And when this happens, we discover something magical: everything works. We’re no longer struggling or searching or questioning, because we are in synch with the new frequencies. We’re seeing and experiencing and creating from a perspective anchored in these new frequencies. The alignment is palpable. It’s akin to when you land in an airplane when you’re coming home; the wheels touch down and you’re connected again to where you live.

We come into alignment with these higher frequencies that we’ve been embodying for so long. This is a process, and we all move at our own pace. Our bodies are adjusting and adapting and we’ve all felt the physical ramifications of that: the fatigue, the bursts of energy, the wooziness, the sleepiness or lack of sleep, the pains that come and go, and the ringing ears. And then we notice a new feeling: alignment. It feels wonderful.

We feel at home in these powerful frequencies.

At that moment we feel at home in these powerful frequencies. It feels normal, like this is where we belong. We are connected and everything fits. Our being aligns with the heart vibe, the crystalline consciousness, Source energy and our inner divinity. This is a new feeling that tells us we’ve arrived in our new space.

We come into balance. This is the space where we ARE healed, we ARE whole. We know who we are.

On this journey, this once in a lifetime shift that we are experiencing, we have been working on coming into alignment: alignment with our truth, our self, our divinity, the universe. As we finally do this, we come into balance and harmony with the universe, with the higher frequencies, with the One. As we come into alignment, problems fall away and chaos disappears. We become centered. We know who we are and what we want, and more importantly, what we don’t want. Because of our clarity, we no longer engage with what we don’t want. Thus we no longer get entangled in that way. We free ourselves from all of that, the constraints, the bottlenecks, the problems, the suffering. Because we have connected to what is beyond that: freedom, love, unity and joy.

In these new frequencies, our experience has changed. And we move into how it feels to fit. After perhaps a lifetime of feeling like we didn’t fit, now we do. Our Black Sheep self has been lit up and now shines like the sun. Our New Earth is now here, blooming and growing and glowing all around us.

Coming into alignment feels like flying, because we’ve let go of what was holding us down. This is definitely a new experience.

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