I am Uriel, and I would like to explain something I have never shared before.

There are lovers and there are lovers. And they can put on an act and show grand gestures and glittering dressess and make-ups…! 

And you look at them and wish it was you and the one you love.

If you only…found the right person, the right partner, the very best one, that makes you fly?

But the first person you really have a relationship with is: YOU.

You are the one, for you, always!

But the grass is always greener on the other side?

It is always easier to ignore oneself?

What I am trying to say is, please start with yourself. 

Love yourself.

See yourself as your own partner, be your own most perfect partner.

Try it!

What can you loose!

See yourself as a complete unit! Make yourself at home within you!

When you become whole and love yourself, you will find that you are not alone at all. 

For you will then find your twin-soul!

Your etherical twin-soul can reach you when you are a whole!

Do you understand me?

If you on the other hand think you have to find a partner that will complete you, as you think and feel you are only half…it is not likely that you will be contacted by your twin-soul.

But your twin-soul awaits you of course! Always! 

It is a hard job to be complete. Because you have to work yourself through all of your fears.

It is not about being perfect or about accomplishing anything in particular but it is all about you accepting yourself as you are, and loving all parts of yourself. 

It is a knowing. It is a understanding of the soul.

And you can dance with your etherical twin-soul, oh yes!

So keep up the important work of your own self-mastering, and sooner or later you will be asked to dance, in a galactic tango for two!

I love you,


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