I am Uriel and I am very old, and I am an archangel.

The more you give, the more you will receive!

The more you use your love, the more love you will receive.

This is just a little part of the School of Life and what is it all about?

You are here on Earth, reading this message just now and this is also a part of the school of life because everything in your life is.

But you have a choice! You can make a decision to use your holy tools that you have carried with you always. 

And what are these tools?

Your tools are extensions of you, that also tells everyone, including yourself  firstly, who you truly are.

Like for instance: If you are a fan of love and peace, then you alos have tools with these energies, that you can use – but only if you know about them of course, and when you know about them, it is your free will to do so!

So the tools lifts forth your own true personality, and your honest ambitions.

So that means that when you choose to acknowledge your highest purpose of your soul, and using your tools you actually do not have to seek anymore. 

Some of you are searchers. You seek for yourselves and still all the answers you need is within your own heart. The answers is within your awakening DNA.

You are like a flower about to bloom. And I see many flowers all around me on Earth and you are so beautiful, even though you have not bloomed yet.

I always see your colors that is highly unique for you, as you are an ambassador from “space”. I mean that you have an ancestral inheritage that you bring with you, from where you are born as a soul. 

There are som many places and inheritances that all work for love and peace, and for faith, hope, harmony, healing, mercy, balance, goodness, gratefullness, and more positive good energies. 

And you have an unique combination of course! You have a mix of these energies, that ARE your tools! 

So ask your heart, ask yourself and your soul will show you the way!

I love you,


(Hallo dear friend! 💓I am Kerstin Eriksson and I am the channeler of this message with Archangel Uriel. Feel free to share my message if you also state: No 1: that I am the source! No 2: plus with a working link back in to my blog.  Welcome to Archangel Faith, angel letters for you!  If you like my writing and want to support me, feel free to buy me a coffee, it would make me very glad to get some help!😀💓 I started this blog over 10 years ago and I work for free. I have been a single mother of three children and also disabled for many years. Have a beautiful day! 

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