I am Uriel and I am very old, and there is something that I think is very important, that I need to speak about now!

Many of you think, “-this is crazy” “-this is insane” and “-this is more far out” than even you could have anticipated, and what am I talking about?

I am talking about the scenery, the drama that you are living in! You might feel at times that “-why are they not revealed?” “-How can they get away with such a big crime?”

Well but they can´t! The more someone try to hide an evil plot, the more it will pop up eventually, right in the very faces of those that try to hide it from the beginning.

And how come? What am I talking about? How can I be so sure that evil agendas will be revealed?

Because Mother Earth does not tolerate it! It happens on her ground! It is her right to find ways to expose those that live on earth for the wrong reasons.

And what are the wrong reasons?: 

*When you use someone else for your own “good”, and you don´t share anything.

*When you use Mother Earth as a buffet where you just pick what you need and throw everything else away as it suits you.

*When you play with other peoples lives as they are just there for you to experiment on, and use as you please.

These are only some of what can not happen on Earth, but it does happen, and Mother Earth herself is being plundered and she does not accept this.

The truth will always come out, sooner or later! Please be sure of this! 

The “popular narrative” that Mother Earth is evil and at different moments accusations are thrown onto different animals as for example the cows, the bats, the pigs, the cats, the rats, the monkeys and you can name others too I guess.

Who speaks up for the animals? For the animals themselves have no voice of their own, and so they are easy targets.

Who defends the innocent? Those that can not speak up for themselves? You? I hope so for you have a voice!

Humans where given a voice, with vocal cords and a voice box, so you can sing out anything, and really talk it out. 

Everything on earth is meant to be a loving collaboration. 

Where everyone realizes that no one can exist without the other. You need each other!

Everything on Earth is meant to be based on equality over all borders.

In fact Mother Earth has no borders, they are man-made.

Important way of living on Earth:

Loving protection of the innocent! 

Caring about all animals as they are your best friends!

Sharing with joy! By giving you receive more!

Understanding about the true living on Mother Earth and how she really works will be lessons in the near future for those that are interested.

Many of you kling to owning things. But the multi-international corporates and those people owning them, will be the FIRST that will not own anything, not you. 

You “bought” a ticket to go to Earth. To go to Earth and live is an EXPERIENCE.

In your experience you must possibly understand that you can only manage her and take good care of her for a while and then you pass her on to the next generation.

In your voyage to Earth and this life-alterning experience you understand that you will not live here forever, it is just for a “short” time and then you go home again where you came from, you go back to heaven.

Your experience makes your soul grow. And you expand! Your knowledge expand! Your wisdom! 

What matters is your good hearted care, your love, and your loving ambitions!

Your love leaves a trail of light and it remains after you are gone!

So I want you to love yourself and understand how much you really matter!

I am Uriel the archangel and I love you very much!

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