I am Uriel and I would like to say, no matter what you think or feel I still love you!

I work all over the world that you live in. Every piece of land is my working ground.

I know about every little stone, about every leaf and every angle of the sunlight that shines on you.

Everything is a matter of perspective, what you really can fathom and put your arms around and reason about.

If you fly above in an airplane or with your wings and you look down and see different things happening, you will feel certain feelings, as you are not a part of it, because you have the perspective of looking from above.

And when you are down really deep into Mother Earth you are very close to her, and the very core of living on Earth, as everything starts in the center and goes outwards.

And from the center you get a totally different point of wiev or angle on what is going on, because in this position you actually are in the very midst of things. Being here you feel everything. And you can neither escape all the devastating things that Mother Earth feels nor put blinders on your eyes.

The truth is, your Mother Earth feels everything. She knows everything. 

She even knows you, and she loves you very much.

She actually knows everything about you.

She knows what you feel and she cares deeply for you. She knows when you are happy and she knows when you are sad.

She loves all and how come that she loves all when she is so hurt, used and tortured by some?

She knows what kind of darkness many lives in.

She knows that a person that has not yet awakened can not understand that she is a living breathing soul.

Many still live in the “tunnel” life. They don´t even know it is a tunnel. They think their entire life is okay as it should be.

But when you discover that there is a door in the tunnel, you first do not understand that you can open the door, you just think, what is that?

Please love those that have not understood yet that they can open the door, and step out into the full life, into the life of faith hope and love together with Mother Earth.

It is not about stepping out to find a spaceship. It is not about stepping out into finding aliens of different kinds. 

It is about not looking up. Not looking up at a ship, or a cloud, or a shining star in the sky.

It is about looking into, within. It is about looking into your own heart and realizing that it is about looking into her, your Mother, our Mother, feeling her, listening to her. 

It does not matter if you see a 1.000 alien space ships in the sky, if you don´t love her first. She, your Mother is where your feet is. She your Mother Earth is what is giving you everything that you need.

She herself is an alien, from the Universe, built by different creators from different parts of the MultiUniverse. You yourself is a galactic being, you live in the Universe too.

But why is staring up into the sky more important than the ground?

Should you not love the ground? Shouldn´t the ground be the HOLY GROUND?

Please begin where you stand. Please begin with who gives you everything.

Stepping out of the tunnellife is realizing that your life is not linear.

Coming out, means finding that life is round, and this is what you need to embrace. Give yourself a big loving hug and love the fact that you now are an ambassador of Earth, your Mother.

With the knowledge of her, your Mother, it is okay for you to look up at the stars at nighttime, of course, but now in the sense that you are rooted in the most beautiful creation of the Universe.

By accepting that you are living in a big beautiful world, and that you yourself are equally beautiful, the planet will become more alive for you.

Help her, protect her, love her, stand up for her!

When you help yourself, when you protect yourself, when you love yourself, and you stand up for yourself and at the same time aiding the entire humanity as well as Mother with all of her kingdoms as Animal Kingdom, Plant Kingdom, Mineral Kingdom you will find the true heartconnection, the very anchor of love, that makes your life worth living. 

When all colors come alive, and when you feel joy deep into your heart that everything is connected, and that your own part in it is more important than ever, then you will begin to smile.

And you will not only smile, you will also sing your heart´s lovesong for her your Mother Earth, as she welcomes you into her arms.

She walkes beside God all of the time…

…and God always walks beside you, wanting to hold your hand, and she, Mother Earth, Gaia, walks on the opposite side of you, also wanting to hold your other hand.

If you like you can hold them both in your hands, and the circle will be complete, a perfect collaboration of love.

It´s a big world, and yet love conquers all.

Everything needs to be balanced. Earth and Heaven. A perfect match! Yin and Yang. Night and day!

I am Uriel and I love you dearly.

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