I am Uriel and I have something important to say. 

You are indeed a light being from the Universe and you have been born into Earth to spread you light here.

It might seem tricky at first. For you start with searching for answers to many things. You find that there are gaps in your knowledge that are like missing pieces in a puzzle. And all you try to do is to see the full picture.

You try to grasp and understand, “why me” “why am I here” “what can I really accomplish on Earth”, as you at the same time feel like a bit unfocused?

So where is the focus that you truly need? Where is the goal that you need to have in your life at a daily basis?

Well, you are not alone! There is a big “playground” with several players. Like a soccer field it is! And there are two teams playing constantly. And you are in the good team, and the other team is the bad team.

But you never see them. You hardly know they are there. You do not understand that you are in the middle of a serious game, almost a war.

But they are there, and I do not want to scare you. Oh no. But if I said that everything is just pink clouds, and rainbows and harp-playing cherubs, I would leave out a very important piece of your puzzle.

Still there is a battle between light and the bad dark. I call it the bad dark or the negatives or the bad team, they try all the time to make you, loose your strength, and miss out on where to go, where you are needed.

It is exactly what they are doing. You hardly notice them but you seem not to be able to aim at your necessary target, your focus to do what is really important to you?

They “blur” you out. Like they spread an invisible “mist” around you, so you forget about yourself, and your important mission here on Earth.

You do not need to be afraid. But you need to get sharper. 

You need to understand the very source of your obstacles. How this negative team constantly make you unfocused and by doing so they can move on to distrupt someone next to you. 

Stand up straight in your own pillar of light and be proud of who you are! And know that your light is highly attractive to your opponents for they try to turn your light off.

You build your strength from within, Your pillars of light and love, hope and faith and all the positive energies comes from within your soul and also your heart. 

What do you need to feel at ease? What do you need to ground yourself? 

Meditation. Eathing healthy food. Exercising with heartfelt joy. Relaxing. No stressing. Being in nature. Praying. Healing movements and more…!

This is just some of what is helping you, healing you, making you focus better.

Let go of the strive to compete, to win or be better, be the best of anything, this is outside – of yourself – and has nothing to do with love and compassion the true spirit of your soul.

The “old life”, was to measure, the old “school” told you to climb the highest mountain, to lay things under you, so you could be the winner. Who can run the fastest? Who can do this or that at the highest speed or measuring how high anyone can jump?

Where did the fun go? Where is the heartsjoy in a measurement?

The true life is within you and can not be measured, or ranked or competed with in any way.

You are good enough! Always! Everyone is! 

Let go of the will to know your grades, how you have been measured by someone. 

No matter how many diplomas you have inframed on your wall it is about how you feel within in your heart. And your heart does not understand this.

Your heart is always here and now!

Your heart knows you, the true you, as the eternal soul that you are.

To measure and compete, to constantly be a producer of something, is not what your soul wants, this is where your outside life demands of you, and also a part of your ego.

To create a world to live in, that is better? You are the tool you need.

Start within and create the loving world that is you and release it on your outside in loving harmony, this is how you transform your inner light to Earth.

No matter what obstacles you meet, have faith in me. Your strong faith, your hope and love creates the protection for you always. At the “soccer field” that you move around on and are playing on you are safe the more faith you have, and the more you can feel the green grass of Earth under your feet and loving it, the more heartfelt joy you feel.

The heartfelt joy actually gives you a good shield of protection! Love what you are doing! Always! 

Your opponents do not understand heartfelt joy, or a good faith in love or hope. The negative team do not understand mercy, kindness or gratefullness, and they bounce of you and you are free.

But they always try and make you forget about how important you are! And they want you to forget about what you love to do, and what your light mission is, here on Earth.

So you will win by being well prepared and by being up-dated so you know what is going on.

So I say, please dear love yourself and be true to yourself and follow your heart and believe in your dreams!

I love you


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