Dear beloved friend I am archangel Uriel and I love you very much.

Earth is my home and some of you think, I only work with one direction or with one part of Earth? 

The truth is I work everwhere on Earth and she, your Mother, is my greatest mission. I work here on Earth so much that she is my best friend and my heart and as well as home.

It is of the highest essence that I talk about your mission on Earth as a soul. 
Your soul wanted to come here, to her, Mother Earth to be born into this planet of magnificent diversity. And she has welcomed you, without you knowing it!

Your soul came to explore her, to learn about her, to understand what is really important, in fact it is about the very meaning of life!

What is the meaning of life?

You as a soul, have come here to find that out! And you all seem to find different answers! 

And many times you are so insnared with your lives to begin with, that you have a hard time getting a glance through it all, and being able to start on your souljourney, to walk here ON earth with your soul, fully opened.

The most important things you discover when you awaken to Mother Earth is:

1  No one can own Earth. You only borrow and take good care of her for a short time, then you pass her on to the next generations.

2    Getting a connection to her goes through your heart down to your roots under your feet and then back up into the gigant network of the Animal kindom, Plant kingdom and Mineral kingdom.

3    You have 13 animal guides that awaits you, to recognize them. Then they will begin to teach you!

    If you try to profit on her, or try to profit on any part of her, she will teach you about what you do, in her own way. 

5    If you have a pure heart, then you will be tought many things, and then you are one of her teachers, but she is always the principal.

6    All communication goes through the love and gratitude in your heart to Mothers heart, as she loves you very much.

7    And the most important lesson is: you will never understand how much she really loves you.

I am very old and I have seen many civilisations come and go, yes that is true. And sometimes you wonder where did they all go, the ancient civilisations? You then send archeologists to dig and search for evidence, because you think how could they just leave these big buildings with its intrueging architectures?

But what very few of you ask yourselves is: A big structure, as for example a building or something similar, means that they could calculate and build, but what is it that I talk about?

I think you should search elsewhere and not in old sites where old civilisations built big structures. Where is the evidence of love? Where is the compassion? Where are the traces of humility? Where is the gratitude? All you can see is that there are perfect evidence of building engineering abilities?

I think you should ask yourselves these questions instead! What would you like to be found after you? After let´s say 4.000 years? A big building? Proof of that you had slaves? Proof of that you sacrificed other people in order to gain power?

Mother Earth will remember all your feelings! Parts of land have been so badly damaged by malificent doings against peoples, and also animals, and ground, and the ground remembers everything. Some parts of her has scars that need much healing, and some of you work with this. And she is very grateful!

She, your Mother also remembers where there was love too! She is so happy when her land is being lived on with dignity and good care for all living souls. Those places are happy places! 

So what can you do? 

As you can not own her, or take anything with you when you leave, you can plant happy trees, you can dance with joy, you can sing your hearts song, you can choose to be a good soul and share knowledge about her, your Mother Earth and all of her guides, that are the real teachers.

And what can you do more? 

You know all the children are the next generation, you can do good deeds, by teaching them about Mother and how to treat her. And many times the children are born with this information but they forget when they go to your “schools” where they teach almost nothing about her, your Mother.

First knowledge must always be about her, and the first school must be about learning about Mother Earth. Then – you can learn mathematics so you can build a big building…not the other way around.

When you come to Earth as a soul love is the only way, otherwise you will want and need to come back.

But never forget, after rain comes sunshine and all the flowers are the evidence of love that has existed on Earth, because the Earth remembers love and always give something beautiful back.

If you read this text, you are on your way to be an Earth teacher! And Mother Earth greets you into her school! 

I love you

(Private picture)!

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