Dear beloved I love you! I am Michael and I will make my voice heard for you to really understand, how it all works.

Nothing escapes this, absolutely nothing and no one.

Everything in life, goes in cycles. Around and around. Energies goes from hot to cold and back, from sun in the day to dark in the night, and back to daytime again.

Seasons shift. From winter to spring, from spring to summer, from summer to fall and then back to winter! A constant CHANGE.

To live on earth means – Change. To live on earth means a living in a forever shifting world.

What might seem as somethings end, is actually somethings very start!

It is a constant “machinery” like a gigant hub of different wheels, small and big ones, in constant movement. 

You know that you only are certain of two things. And that is birth and then death. And the time in between – your life!

After a disaster you feel so weak and you think you will die but you actually rise up again like Phoenix! 

And why?

Because there is no end to love. Love makes the gear or the cogwheels turn all the time. 

Phoenix is eternal, a love being, an eternal soul. And what does Phoenix say to you right now?

“I am Phoenix, please do not give up! 

But if you do you will find yourself still alive. You will find yourself flying with me, once again, because you have flown with me many times, as we are good friends. 

Everytime you hit the ground really hard, I pick you up! And I let you feel that you too are eternal! 

You live in the hardest of worlds and you are in a war. Your opponents try to make you forget over and over again who you are.

They want you to forget that you are an eternal love-being with unique skills of a master. 

All the wireless technology is to make you un-earthed, so you get less contact with me and Michael. So your memory has to work more to keep itself awakened. 

Get outdoors more, breath fresh air as much as you can. Hugh a tree, we are here, next to you always, constantly reminding you about who you truly are and if you fall we always pick you up, please have faith in me,

I love you,


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