I am Michael and I must say, what is really important?

It is easy to say: “-I only want peace and love”, isn´t it?

But if someone innocent soul needs help right away,

it may not be so easy, to just walk away, and look to the other side?

Jesus did take part for the innocent and those that could not speak up for themselves and he got in trouble!

Many looked upon him and thought why does he care so much about “unimportant” things?

It is easy to just follow the main flow of a community, and it is a lot harder to stand out, to dare to stand out and say: 

“I think this could be done in a better way” but then you will surely get some dis-likers. Some will agree with you, but you are now putting your head on the line for something you really care about, a heart-matter!

If it really resonates deeply within your heart and then you also act upon it doing whatever necessary to open up for a peaceful dialog, it is really great!

This is what Jesus did. Jesus is passionate! Jesus sees not with his eyes, he values everything within his heart. 

The heart has an invisible scale with which you can weigh and feel what is right in the name of the good and mercyful.

You have this scale within your beloved heart! Use it, please! Ask your heart: To solve this matter in a good way; what is the right way to go?

And wait for the reply!

Jesus will guide you!

You then light up a very important light!

When you ask for heavenly direction in an important matter, a matter that you can feel really deep in your heart, this is when you – absolutely must ask for guidance!

And you are awaited, to ask for guidance of course! 

In a non-loving and square society many things seems to be cast in a rigid mold but when you dare to take a step in the direction of the heart, you create a crack in the mold where the light can enter, the light of love.

You are lightworkers, and you insert your own light combined with all the gathered light of love and etherical wisdom.

I am not saying you have to become a rebel exactly like Jesus, oh no, but I am merely pointing out that it is in your blood too.

It is in your blood, to not be quiet when something is really wrong. All of you, all you beloved lightworkers you are old galactic warriors of peace and love and you have done this many times before. It is about your heritages of the universe, you are old souls.

Just follow your heart! And believe in your dreams!

You are individual creators of love and you use your light to enlighten the dark, the square and the non-loving parts of your own community, and yes you might be seen as a “trouble-maker” but mostly you are a love-maker, never forget that dear ones.

I love you,


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