I am archangel Michael and today I will speak about what really matters!

Your world is rising and your knowledge, your inner wisdom awakens more and more for every sunrise.

You are truly a flower of wisdom, you have several layers, multiple branches spreading out from you.

You are a rare temple of the holy truth!

How do I mean?

You are a pillar of light and on this pillar many circles form a beautiful pattern. They are all in wonderful colors that are radiant with colors of love.

You are a manifest of love and you carry this with you wherever you go and whatever you do.

All you have to take care of is yourself. 

All you have to really tend to is being faithful to yourself and what is the true love for you.

Many times you feel that you have to wait for people around you to awaken to what you are, they don´t understand, yet. But they will. Many are now awakening, and they are now where you where many years back

They are on the right track, trust them! Just be patient! But you must know that the knowledge that is awakening is an accelerating energy. 

For you it took decades to learn the holy truth, because not many have walked in those footsteps before. 

Now many walk in the same footprints and they will have a faster awakening, and this can come with some bumps in the road.

They will need guidance! From you who already are awakened! 

You hold the roots and the trunk of the tree of knowledge and many leafs grow on your tree, and they are your responsability. They are many and they need to feel your groundeness and tranquility.

The leaves and the fruits of your wisdom are what you have worked for, the ascension of so many souls. Your beloved alma is everything.

When you ascended for over a decade ago you did all the preparation work. You did all the tears, the blood and all the efforts to be ready this day. Now you hold two worlds in your hands and you know it.

You have felt very alone in this world and that is understandable. Not many could know what was really going on. When you took the shower many years ago and Mary Magdalene came and washed your feet together with Jesus and you were very grateful for what she did. But you really did not know why? Or did you?

When you felt something stinging you around your forehead and around your head you stood in the mirror and you saw a crown of thorns on your head and surprised you took a step back and asked me, God, what does this mean?

Take it away, you said to me, it is really hurting me, why is a crown of thorns sitting on my head, dear God, you asked me.

I said: that is why you share the pain with Jesus. You walk with him always, and you always have.

And then you realised that it must be just so, for everything came to be in that light, to heal the innocent, to always aid those in need.

You came here to do good. And you always blamed yourself for being naive, too naive. Always trusting people, but they betrayed you. You began to think by being good was equal to being stupid.

But you really where good. And you then found a friend that wanted you to write a book about Mother Earth, and about all women and the feminine energy, and then you heard his name, and he said it was Goding. And today everyone calls me God, parts of my name fell into oblivion. And we will soon write a second book.

And why did Mary Magdelene wash your feet?

Well what do you think?

For the respect for you, for your walk, for every step that you take, for your dedicated work for God, for me!

It is all a collaboration. A holy work of unity. Nothing is separate. We need you and you need us. In order for the ascension to work every part is of highest neccesity. Everyone does their part of the job.

Michael the archangel, work with your protection always, 

Goddess Guan Yin works with your gratitude.

God works with your goodness, 

Archangel Gabriel works with your galactic connection of your soul, and there are many more that work constantly with you. 

Mary Magdelene works with flora and fauna on Earth and she cares for your feet that you use daily, to walk and do what really matters for the sake of love peace and truth.

We all care for you! We are a great team! And you are a natural part of it!

I love you



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