I say hallo today and I also say I love you. I am Michael and I will tell you about something about yourselves.

You are the heirs!

You are the heirs to the element of air!

A fish does not acknowledge that it swims in water. The water just is for the fish!

And the same goes for you! For you air just is! But you actually are the very heirs of air!

And yet you just think air is? 

What is then air?

Air is so preacious. Yes it is. Without air you could not smell the roses. Without air you could not breathe…or survive on your planet.

And in the air there is also water, little particles of water, mist, condence and sometimes rain.

The air was there that very day when you kissed your beloved. The air was there in your most precious memory a long time ago. And just right now the air is there with you in your very lungs.

When you love air, and love every breath you take, you acknowledge air, you give air a response from your heart, and then a miracle happens!

You will get feedback from air! Air will show you that it loves YOU!

Air has waited for you to love it and awaken to its very presence.

When you love your breaths, you become real.

Try! Now! Please love air as your best friend, love air as your best memory of love and friendship. 

Love air for making you live on Earth, in the garden of flowers, of roses, lilies, of what flower you love.

Loving each breath makes you whole and complete.

Actually this kind of breathing is your very own holy spirit.

It is not only something that a priest talk about. 

It is the gift to all of you, and has nothing to do with a church or a religion.

But this has become some religions trademark, something they do as a thing for their own. But the holy truth is, it was never meant to be a religios thing.

Loving your own breathing is your legacy as a human being as a soul, an awakened soul.

You are the heirs of air, so please just do it every day, every hour, and every time you take a breath, give yourself the free gift of being loved by the air, as air have been waiting for you, in a long while.

I love you 


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