I am archangel Michael and I greet you tonight and I must say I am very proud of you!

You have come a very long way! Yes you have!

As you read this text you have come a very long way. Your home is in the stars and you are an ambassador here on Earth.

You might not be totally sure of your origin but that is not the most important. You will find it out eventually of course. Your guides will make you realize it, in time, no rush.

Many of you talk about origin from the stars and different dimensions and you really thrive when you do it. I think it is very amusing to hear your conversation, it makes me giggle many times.

Of course I understand that you are courious, that is only natural, but don´t worry, you will find it out and more, because the information dwells within you. It is within your DNA that is awakening.

But what I also have noticed is your anxiety that runs in your groups too: You think you will not ascend in time? You think the “train” has left the station and you are too late?

And some of you say that only thoose that ascend will “make it” the others will “go under” ?

Well, well…this is not how it is! NOT AT ALL!

Everyone will ascend! In time! And everyone will do it when THEIR TIME is right!

I think firstly: focus on yourself! 

Please focus on your own expansion and in your knowing of the most important energy: love. And how love is a bouquet of different energies as for instance: humility, gratefullness, hope, joy, faith, serenity and more positive energies.

By being YOU in your heartful love essence you will be a pillar of light that you are here on Earth to be!

Fill yourself with cheer positivity and spread it all around.

Dont “buy into” the negatives that you soak up in different groups either on-line or in real life.

Buy thinking it is only the ascendors that “make it” – it creates what?

You create a DIVISION, you create a border to other people and souls.

You all sit in the very same boat! 

All you really have to do is keep your faith up, your hope up and believe in love with all of your heart at every heartbeat.

Look closely at your seat in “the boat”, who do you have next to you? Start there! Give that person your care and affection! 

It is not so difficult! It is not about the big event when you glide away to do a superbig task somewhere else, it is right under your dear beautiful nose!

I love you very much

Archangel Michael

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