I am Michael and I love you! Today I will explain what love is from my point of view!

I know that more and more horrific news reach you, about things that has been going on for years, but it was hidden from you, like under the surface.

Now when this hits you in a negative way, it is just the way of love.

Love will not hide bad things and making it go on and on.

Love will push things up to the surface for all to see, and up in the light of the day!

Love never hides anything!

Secrets are not the way of love!

Hidden agendas of different sorts have been the way of many centuries and many people have not been aware for the same reason.

My view on love is: always be sure that love will expose any wrong doings, sooner or later! 

Rest assured! 

Have strong faith in loves capacity to unveil all that is bad and make it go away.

Time is your best friend! Time will tell! 

In time, sooner or later faith and hope and love always make it through whatever negative secrets there are.

Just have faith in love!

Love is simple! Love is not complicated! 

Those that have these negative agendas do anything to hide their true purposes, but it is in vaine. They just don´t realize how strong love is! 

So my dear friends, 

I say,

I love you,



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