I am Michael and I must say; I want you to love every step!

Nothing is more important!

If you find yourself somewhere and not really feeling if you love your steps, take a little break, give yourself some space to be!

There is never any rush with the choice of your heart!

You have to be patient with your heart, you must be willing to listen to the whispers your heart makes.

Just take that preacious litte paus and await what your heart is saying to you!

Then, you can proceed with your steps and walk your lovewalk!

If you are in a hurry. If you are stressed. If you are not patient, you can miss out on, your true path in life.

Your true path in this lifetime is all about love! Yes! There is no doubt about it!

So if you see someone taking a little rest, who is awaiting their 

heart´s answer…don´t think they are lazy.

Taking the very important time to just be, is a great responsability! To yourself and your soul!

Your soul is crying out to you! Be in silence! Take your time! Don´t rush! And then you will feel your true heart´s intent!

It is easy to be in a hurry! Most people hurry! Things have to happen fast! A chase for each minute is common! 

Less time to breathe! Less time to exist! Less time to find your true hearts path!

You think it is all about your shoes? What kind of shoes you have? No!

You are born with bare feet! Your soles of your feet knows!

Usually you push your feet into a pair of shoes? But your feet already know, and feel you. Sometimes you are in a hurry and you feel no connection to the soles of your feet. 

Walking barefoot is so important! Try it! Be free from the concept of boxing in. Let yourself be free at heart and feet!

There are more than a thousands of billions of ways to express love!

You have your own unique way! Do it your way!

Just give yourself the magical time to listen to your heart, when you are busy doing nothing, you actually develop the most, finding your true path of your heart!

If you could see your footsteps of love, it is truly wonderful to behold, for they are very beautiful!

And of course we walk together! Hand in hand! Side by side! 

I love you,


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