I am Archangel Michael and I love you very much.

On your journey in your life you encounter many different things and you meet several choices and that is exactly what life is about.

Sometimes your life takes you on a walk over a green blossoming meadow where harmony resides and everything is fine. Other moments you have to walk on sharp stones that hurt your feet. And sometimes you walk where there is dark and other times where the landscape takes you to difficult terrains.

Your life is a journey. Your soul is eternal and for the soul the walk here on your planet Earth is a part of your forever walk. The journey is the goal, not the very finishline that you might think of?

What you learn here on Earth is forever going to be something that your soul will learn from forever on.

Not one single step is unnecessary. When you have to do hard stuff in your life and when you have to make difficult choices because you do not find any other possibility – that is okay.

That is what life is about. Learning to cope no matter what circumstances there may be.

So what is it all about? Life? Life here on Earth? 

For a soul coming to Earth is like a human being going to a university, and not a university that you think is a difficult school to go to, no much harder, because you loose all your memory, you start as a newborn and you work your way up, meaning you work up your knowledge about life and what really matters.

So what is it that really matters? 

What you can not own, is the most important knowledge of all. 

You can not own love, or buy faith, or shop for some hope. You can not own a true friend. 

If you come to earth to explore freedom, you will find yourself in different traps, where you learn about being held against your free will. That is only an example.

Another example: If you come to Earth to learn more about love, you will find it difficult to receive love and you have to learn and understand love because of that.

This is how it is. You are eternal, as a soul. And you want to come here, to this school as Earths is. This school is highly sought after.

Souls stand in a long queue in heaven to be reborn on Earth, to learn more, to understand more in different subjects.

Can it really be like this, you might wonder? Yes it is!

The scenery of your life makes you learn what you came here to know and then – you become a master in this subject. 

In a way you are married to life, as you are here on Earth. As you are born into this life you have said yes to a life in one of the most difficult schools there are, in the Universe.

The more love you can find, the more faith you have in your heart and the more you understand that you are a creation of love, the more you understand of the lessons you take in this school.

The knowledge of love is free, it does not cost a penny and as you yourself are creations of love, faith, hope, and more wonderful energies you begin to love what is free. You begin to learn that no one can own, you, or her your beloved Mother Earth.

I am so proud of you, and how you have managed all of your lessons, and all of your difficult classes in the most intricate school of all, the Earth school, and you still spread love all around you.

You spread such a lovely light around you and it connects with all of your sisters and brothers all around the globe and it is the most beautiful light there have ever been and I must say cheer up because no one judges you for your own choices because sometimes you are sad about parts of you life, that you wish you hade done in another way?

Every step matters! If you had not taken those steps, you would not have learned what you know today. Be happy! Be proud! 

As you have lived your life on Earth you leave and go back to heaven. 

And as you know, no one can take anything with them as they go back to the forever home. And when you are back in heaven the true richness, is all about the knowledge of love that you bring back with you in your soul essence.

The knowledge is what you bring back! Not a chair, not some jewellry, gold, money or a car, a house or whatever..!

The third dimension on Earth is the same as the school. 

As you learn more of what is free and can not be owned, you tap into higher dimension because there you find less materials. It is not about the tapestry, or the carpet or the cutleries.

It is about a higher knowledge that no one can own Mother Earth. 

No one can own her. She is herself!

Everyone that is here on Earth is visitors. Just visiting! Saying hallo to her? Treating her kindly? Loving her?

When you truly love yourself, then you love her, your Mother Earth because she will mirror you so you will understand that you are on the right track.

Mother Earth is a living being, a creator, a soul and she loves you very much and she walked beside you at every step you have taken in your life, but you did not know it. She saw your tears, she felt your fears, she know about all your pain and also about your joy.

Love your steps, love every single one of them, love yourself always and keep on shining the most beautiful light of the knowledge of love, the only thing that you always bring with you wherever you go!

I love you


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