I am Michael and I love you!

There are days when you think, where are Michael? Where are the angels? Have they dropped me? Left me? Do they think I am not good enough and chooses someone else?

You are tought that you are a lightworker, an obedient loveworker from the heavens, and that is exactly what you are!

And no, we have not choosen someone else, that you might think is better than you. Never!

We could NEVER do that! And why?

You are not replaceble! No one else can do exactly what you can do!

No one else has your capacity, your personal knowing, your uniqeness.

You are not kloones of each other.

You seem to forget this time after time. No one else can do what you came to earth to do. No one.

Your own life. This is where it starts. No one else have lived your life. So no one else are the master of YOUR life, but you!

When you are born into a lifetime on Earth you embody a matrix of circomstances. You inherit a body, with different biological inprints. You have to master your body, and all the feelings that come with that.

You have to master you life, you have to understand what you go through in every step of the way. And this is what you become your own master of. And no one else can do this.

When you decide in heaven that you want to go to live on Earth and learn and also as the lightworker you are to do your work as a love connector and love spreader you take on a gigantic task.

First you have to handle the very life, and the family that you have chosen to be born into, often to bring light and love into it.

Then you have to mature. And realize that you are indeed a Light and loveworker. So you have to go through all your fears, and your traumas first, in order to be able to work outside of yourself.

You have to pull yourself up by your own shoulders while you are lying down, it is a hard task as I said.

But you know this, you have done this before. You have lived many lives on Earth. And faith is the sign of you. You have the greatest faith. Otherwise you could not pull yourself up on your own, time after time.

And it is in the good faith that you believe in. The faith that always works together with hope and love, and also with gratitude, goodness and joy. You actually embody these energies.

You are unique! No one has walked the same steps as you have. And no one else can be the master that you are. 

We, the angels, can never give another lightworker your work to do. That is impossible.

All the miseries, all the negatives, all the discomfort, all the traumas that you have walked into, and been consumed by and then finally worked yourself through and out on the other side, this is what your mastery lies within. This is the material that you can help other souls with.

If you are a doctor, you have to be sick first, and then get well to know what you are dealing with.

If you are a lawyer, you have to have a personal experience with unjustice first, to be able to understand the very need of a lawyer.

Do you understand me? You can never help anyone, if you dont have a personal experience of the matter. That is impossible.

You sometimes value a grade from an Univerity, but by reading in books will take you where? Reading in a book gives you a hint of things, but you can never get the full picture.

By going to Real Earth-University, learning by living, it is the ultimate place to study. Never look down on yourself if you have gone to the school of life, your life, it is not less than any diplomas or grades or education of any university.

Ask your doctor “-have you ever been sick yourself?” Ask your lawyer have you ever encountered unjustice? ASK!

Ask them, everyone you meet, ask them questions to learn more about the one you choose to trust.

Do you trust grades, a diploma, or a fancy education? Or do you trust your gutfeeling, your heartfeeling and a personal connection and a personal experience?

Who do you trust? Ask and make them talk about themselves and their personal experience. The grades they want to show you does not mean so much. Anyone can read a book, and study for a test and get good grades?

Ask so you can feel their hearts ambition. And then it is up to you to make a choise. Do you want to visit a doctor that has never been ill? Never been sick for one single day? Can this doctor be empathic enough? Can this doctor relate to you? 

If you go to a healer, they must understand how it is for you, a healers first task is always to heal themselves. A true healer needs to know about being opposite to being healed – first. Otherwise…how can they heal if they don´t know anything about it?

Personal experience dear is all I talk about today, and it is vital, very important.

And the same goes for all occupations. Ask. To ask a question means that you are interested. That you care. But many “professionals” hide behind a “proper” schooling, the “right kind” of university, the “perfect grades”, the “best diploma”?

You must learn to see straight through and into peoples hearts, what hides behind all the diplomas and degrees?

You must absolutely learn to not look down on yourself anymore!

You have indeed walked on Earth and learned in the school of Life, where there are no diplomas given, nor given any grades, nor a prize. 

But God always walks beside you, as well as the embodiment of Gaia and they know all about you!

Please dear be proud of yourself and of your life, and of all of your steps you took wether they were small or big or whatever they where, they where the steps YOU TOOK and all that you have learned is because of them all. 

I actually want you to give praise to your feet, and love your feet for every step they have taken for you.

In our eyes we see your radiant light, the beautiful colors that indeed is your grades, is your diploma and all the confirmation of your hard work.

Love yourself and be grateful that God knows you to 100 procent and everone else in heaven can see you for who you truly are, your colors and light and pattern reveals you totally.

You embody this unique light on Earth and you are a precious pilar of love and no one else can do this important transformation work but you, so please believe in yourself and hear me out when I say,

I love you


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