There is a decision to be made, and I am Gabriel.

I love you very much and please don´t be afraid!

The decision is very important!

It is so important that you must know it is the road and the very will of your soul!

How important is peace to you?

Peace is not something anyone else chooses for you, it is your own personal choice, in fact it is a daily choice!

The will and the passion to walk the road of peace is not easy for many want to do the opposite. And they will try to persuade you to abandon your soulpurpose.

Maybe you think I am crazy now? Meaning that you should turn the other cheek to your opposition?

Maybe you think I mean that you should give up, your desire to speak up and give aid to the innocent, the animals, the children, Mother Earth and more?

No I do not mean this at all!

I mean that you can do your love-work, you can make the choice to do it with compassion for the true you, and find the gentle way.

Yes it means that in fact you would sit in the middle of the street as the tankers come rolling in nearer and nearer to you. 

It is a fullhearted decision for you as a soul!

To do this is much harder, it is easier to pick up a weapon!

If peace is important, don´t pick up a weapon, sing instead!

Make your voice heard instead! Talk! Don´t be quiet! You own your own voice, don´t let anyone make you think your voice is not important. 

Communicate what is important to your heart. 

Dance the peacedance with your heavenly joy! This is the time to stand up, talking it out, singing it out, expressing your heart what is important to you.

Write about peace, everywhere, sprinkle your words of peace all around, wherever you can! 

You can never write one word to much about world peace.

The road to world peace is the finding the inner peace first, so everyone must learn this! Be the teacher!

Of cource you are angry of all the wrongdoings against those that can not protect themselves!

If you are angry for the very reason that innocent souls are being treated badly, it is a holy anger! 

Use this anger, this specific energy, to do good, make a positive change, together with your best friends! Give it a go! 

And of course, you would give your own life to save an innocent soul without blinking, you would never run away, you would not turn your other cheek to what is really important.

But the choise to choose peace is the way. The way you are inspired to walk. This particular choise will lead you to the right moments. 

This choice means that you are open to the peace manifest of the Universe. So you are never alone when you make this choice, to walk the path of peace! Many walk beside you! Your ancestors of your Universal lineage is always with you!

And I am also with you, and I know how brave you are! 

There is no courage without fear! You will meet recistance from those that you meet on your journey. And you will meet the best most wonderful friends too, for they will see you in your true colors!

I love you, 



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