My dear beloved friend, I am Gabriel, and I love you.

Imagine that love reigns all around your planet. Feel in your heart that your heart is your compass and know that you always have me by your side.

There are no distance to love. You are complete. You are it, because you are love! You do not have to search, high and low for love or turn yourself outside and in to find it.

You already have it, you have love, as you are love.

Put your doubts aside, now, in this heartbeat.

In the name of love we are one.

In the name of love there are no distance, nothing to overcome.

You are already there, you have already made it.

And we are all here for you. Not only me. Jesus Sananda, Faith, Hope, Love, Buddah, Quan Yin, more Goddessess and the kingdoms of your world, as Animal Kingdom, Plant Kingdom and the Mineral Kingdom and more as the Elfves, The Gigants, The Leprechauns, The Trolls and many more.

Feel your hearts joy, and know that you are one with us, and we always communicate with love through your heart.

Your heart is your sender and receiver when it comes to communication with us, so put your doubts aside and be you, be love!

I love you

Archangel Gabriel

(I am Kerstin Eriksson and I am the channeler of this message from Archangel Gabriel, feel free to share my text if you also share it with a working link back in here to my blog. Welcome to Archangel Faith, angel letters for you! I am a spiritual consultant that use Tarotcards and I give distance healing with archangel Metatron if you are interested. If you like this blog please feel free to buy me a coffee! 🙂 

Have a beautiful day! 



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