I will tell you about the world tree! Yggdrasil!

This magical tree exists! In a dimension of its own!

This tree represents faith and each branch has its own faith.

This tree has eleven branches! And eleven faiths!

But you are also a creation of Earth, you have your own faith!

Each and everyone of you have your own faith and you can look upon it as a magical lush tree.

How is your faith doing? Look into yourself and your heart and see your tree! How does it grow? Is it green? Does if have any flowers?

Sometimes your tree can grow so much that the branches grow and hinders each other to thrive in a good way.

A little help is sometimes necessary, to take away the dry leafes and twiggs and help it to grow.

Maybe you need to water your tree? Maybe it is that easy? You might have forgotten to give your tree water and also maybe nourischement?

How do you water your faith?

How do you give nourischement to your own faith?

Well I will teach you!

Ask yourself: what do you believe in?

Ask your heart; what is important to you?

Make a list with at least ten things you dream about and want to do in your life!

And make also a list with at least ten things that you are grateful about!

Start with these simple things, it is a really good start!

Faith is not about something you find in a church, or a chapell or a temple. Faith is not distributed by a priest or a religious person.

In fact faith has been kidnapped for eons of time.

In your mind you think that faith has to do with something else, or someone else, but faith is actually within you, in your heart to discover. Maybe re-discover?

You have your own Faith always and she is waiting for you, to embrace yourself and to love yourself, and together with her, hand in hand you can water your beloved green tree and you find that love is the only true nourischement that you need.

I love you,


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