I am Amidah and I am a spirit, I am a soul.

You embody me by saying the prayer, the holy words of grace.

And there is more, not only a body, as your pilar of truth is your spine as you stand up and say your prayer, it becomes more heartfelt, as you have your feet in the ground.

When you stand up, you have your feet on the ground, that means that you are more easily connected, grounded, and therefore you get more contact up or more accurately more contact with the etherical realms as heaven where God lives.

When you stand up your spine is erect and therefore you also breath better and when you fill your lungs with air it connects to your erect spine.

Your spine is your pillar of truth, your spine is like your own personal obelisk of love and truth.

Do not forget to also love your precious feet as they carry the very weight of you, and they move you around.

If I could I would help you with your feet, give them a gentle bath with rose petals and give them what they deserves. They are your contact with earth, your soles in the ground so love them and thank them!

I love you


Borrowed picture from friend.

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