The energies continue to be powerful and non-stop. The good news is we’ve acclimated to them and are better at aligning with them and moving with them now. And there is definitely movement. We’re seeing that with all our practice we’ve mastered our abilities to do a variety of things and we can now create many things easily. Thus we’re transitioning into our larger creative roles now, where we are creating on a bigger scale—in our communities and beyond.

We’re all being guided to do what we are here to do, and we all have different parts to play. Many have asked what their purpose is. Until we know we keep moving into the light, anchoring that light and clearing any problematic parts from the past. At some point we find our way into our roles, and even those roles can evolve as we continue to listen to our guidance.

This is a massive operation that takes place on an individual level. We each create our own world, and that means our own peace, happiness, balance, magic and cohesiveness. We establish our sovereignty to become self-governing. We move into leadership to show the way. And we align with our divinity, which moves us into alignment with Source. We begin a direct relationship with Source, with God, with the One. And this takes us into our power as creators of the New Earth.

This is a massive operation that takes place on an individual level, as we each create our own world.

We see that we are whole, and we are a part of the whole. The Source energy moves thru us and we share it with all. Old judgments may pop in for a moment, to be replaced with the strong flowing current of the new light. The judgment fades and we share the light, and we may be surprised by the power of this as it overrides what is left within us.

We’ve been told we’re watching a movie as these last moments of the old world play out. You may be feeling at times now that your own life is a movie due to the unusual things taking place and how things are unfolding in an allegorical way. In my own life, yesterday on my ride I encountered a man collecting mushrooms from the woods along the road. He was finding boletes, which I know, but also a rainbow mushroom, which I had never heard of. We had an engaging conversation. He was from Poland and his name was Adam. He pronounced the A as Ah.“Adam, the first man,” he said for clarity. He talked about how people no longer respect nature and have lost touch with it. He told me he was healed after a car accident with special experimental medicines and was able to walk again after 8 years. He was perhaps 55, and he said, “I’m ready to be 20 again,” as if that might happen any moment. The conversation felt otherworldly, as if I had ridden into a wrinkle in time, a beautiful fold in the fabric that landed me somewhere else. We’re having these kinds of experiences now because of the high frequencies we’re in, so enjoy. The world of creation is limitless and we’re learning more in each new moment.

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