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Dear Ones,

Many of you want to know what will happen tomorrow, next month, or next year. Some feel you have a sense of what will be as you channel or question your tarot cards or crystal ball. Avenues that will not create the knowingness you pine for.

Those aforementioned methods of obtaining a future vision no longer apply. You and your world are changing minute by minute, so what once would have been an accurate vision of the next month or year is only applicable if you halt your current minute-by-minute transition.

Nothing is as it was. And nothing will be as expected.

This transition is beyond anything that can be understood with your current terminology or in relation to previous earth occurrences.

Your past and future are no longer static. As you evolve minute-by-minute, so too will your past and future.

What was once known or expected will change, as well as what was once painful or glorious. For the first time ever, earth beings can shift what once happened and that which has not yet happened.

This new piece of your inner being is a bit like adding time travel to your repertoire – like visiting earth during the creation of the Egyptian pyramids and enhancing the Egyptian pyramid design with current building techniques – thereby changing the past and the future.

An indication of that not necessarily happening before now could be the architectural marvels of Rome built in England that were discarded as soon as the Romans retreated from the English landscape.

Because of your new time travel piece, no longer will generations have to return to what was to build anew. Instead, they will dance between times to create more loving and stable physical and emotional structures.

You will most likely be among those time travelers healing past wounds and altering the future.

In the past, your world evolved around outer-directed power – who had it, what was needed to maintain it, and how to either gather power or fit within the power structure.

Even though much technology resulted from that outer-directed power, it was not necessarily created to better humankind or the earth. Instead, outer-directed technology reinforces or encourages outer-directed power.

Your new being’s agenda is much different, for it is capped with love.

The difference between outer-directed power/fear and inner-directed love is more than the difference between night and day. It is a new world welcomed into the Universes with much joy and love.

As you evolve, discarding your needs to be better than, a victim of, or a partner to, you will shift the world and Universes in ways you cannot yet imagine. It is as if the earth was a cancerous spot within the Universes. An area successfully removed or altered so it no longer poses a threat.

The earth was once a Universal clearing area because of its beauty and ability to help those of the Universes wishing to explore fear – or inner cancer. A bit like having a beautiful view from a hospital bed. Because that cancer has been cleared, the earth is becoming the joyful experience long-awaited throughout the Universes.

Perhaps you wonder if this new Universal vacation paradise will become overpopulated or any fear of the future. The earth is instead becoming a joyful place, not a replica of what you have known throughout your 3D earth lives.

The shifting within you and the earth is about joy and clearing past fears – by reformating what was into a joyful what is. There is no need for you to be concerned – or to hope and pray for a better future. You have completed those steps.

Your role now is to follow your joy and instincts, for you have created a new you in a new world – a gift to the Universes. A gift that is morphing minute-by-minute from fear to love in the most magnificent manner possible.

We of the Universes have alluded to your ability in places other than the earth to simultaneously shift your being and environment. You now allow that same morphing while of the earth.

Step by step, you created a new peace within you and the earth, and helped the world become a fully developed portion of the Universes.

A welcome hosanna as you return to the Universes. And a loving round of congratulations to the earth as it becomes a key Universal component. So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda’s Blog, subscribe via Or, click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her “Blog & Subscribe” website page ( and click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation. 

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