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Dear Ones,

Even though we of the Universes have prophesized for years that you would shift dramatically as you transitioned, you believed 3D you would continue to be the commander of your being.

While most likely, your 3D being continues to be part of you, your 3D being is no longer the commander or even a key piece. For many of your new you segments morphed into a more loving stance before they were incorporated into your being.

So it is that you surprise yourself with your moods, words, and actions. Even though such is to be expected given the enormity of your transition, it is surprising to you, given who you used to be.

Even so, many of you maintain the same schedules and routines with some declarations of independence or anger.

You will continue to shift personalities for the next few weeks. What or who you are today will not be true within weeks. As if you are peeling layers of your being from the inside out.

In 3D, you often completed something similar from the outside in. For example, when you moved to a new community, obtained a different job, entered a romantic relationship, or had a baby. ThreeD shifts that were not unusual or unexpected. The difference now is you have no concrete markers to indicate why or how you are shifting.

So you will find yourself trying to explain to yourself and others why you cannot do something. Why you need rest or privacy. Or why you want to participate in an activity you were not interested in before.

Perhaps it will help you better understand your shift if you think about new entities entering your physical body. Even though those entities have always been part of your totality, they were not in your current 3D life until you invited them into your being many months ago.

As those entities adjust to your current physicality, they become more active within your being, creating the new you that you continue to adapt to – and surprising yourself and others as you do.

This being that is now you continues to evolve, which will be particularly evident in the next few weeks. For you are determining which of your new segments will dominate.

Some of you are concerned that you will become a scattered entity with a multiple personality disorder. Instead, this new array of your inner being is similar to how you functioned in 3D jobs determining which of your skills would dominate in that particular setting.

Future earth generations will coalesce their being before entering the earth. Those of you in the first few waves of transition are required to do so internally while functioning in many 3D-like environments – as the new segments within you demand to display their skills.

Perhaps some of you think our explanation sounds like a horror movie. Instead, we of the Universes wish you to know that your need to function differently as you transition is not much different than would have been true in 3D – except this transition is from the inside out.

Again, remember how different your actions and thoughts became once you were a 3D parent or moved to a new community. Those 3D activities required change – some more dramatic than others. But all were expected changes given the eons of similar 3D activity displayed by 3D generation after generation.

You are the first of the first.

Do not be frightened; you will adjust, as will those around you, for they are likely undergoing a similar transition if they are part of your world.

Even though your current being cannot remember the terror of the first earth humans as they adjusted to the heaviness of the earth, you are in a similar fear path. A path that will soon open to a new life that seems more correct than any changes required to maintain your former 3D life.

You were never fully of 3D, even though you successfully functioned in that role until you began your current transition. You are finally home in ways you have always dreamed of. A dream you imprinted within before you entered the earth in this lifetime.

Now that you transitioned, you are adjusting to that transition – which will be quite evident in the next few weeks. You are finally home within yourself – a first for any earth being transitioning from fear to love. So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda’s Blog, subscribe via Or, click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her “Blog & Subscribe” website page ( and click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation. 

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