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Last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” should have included the phrase ‘Pluto’s new age.’ A significant and seemingly final piece of our transition occurred last week – Pluto shifting from Capricorn to Aquarius. 

Dear Ones,

Because of your 3D training, it seems impossible to undo mistakes. Even though you might tell others you are sorry, a sense of guilt continues for most. You must be perfect, or you are damaged. And since no one can follow all their inner and outer commands 100% of the time, you limit your rightness with your world.

You were likely taught that whatever deity you selected as your ultimate being forgives you. Even so, you continue to have difficulties forgiving yourself. “Why did I say that?” “Why did I do that?”

Indicating you can never be perfect. A perfection you assumed was necessary for eons to successfully complete this transition. The transition is complete. Even so, your fear of failure and not being perfect haunts you day and night, forcing you to try harder to be better.

None of which is necessary.

What you consider a terrible action, statement, or thought is merely you discovering yourself – like a stop or directional road sign. If, when driving, you turn left instead of right, you might be angry with yourself for a few moments, but then you correct your direction. So it is now. There are no irretrievable mistakes – merely stop or directional signs.

As a child, you did not ponder for days if you made your parents’ life more difficult when you threw your food on the floor with great delight. So it is now. The actions or words you find painful, unforgivable, mean, or whatever self-punishment you assume are learning experiences that have little to do with your present, past, or future being. So dust yourself off, pick yourself up, and realize the error of being you that you find so uncomfortable is likely not of concern to others. And the same is true for those who do or say something you might find uncomfortable.

You are exploring yourselves. If you had been a prisoner for decades, would you not expect to make some social errors? So it is now. You are adjusting to new you. And as you do, words that surprise you will tumble out, and actions that do not yet feel comfortable will occur.

This is another confusing transition period because you are no longer of 3D. So when you try to use the words and actions that once felt correct, they no longer are. And when you function as a new being, your words and actions often feel inappropriate.

Like two-year-olds, allow yourself to make mistakes (in 3D terms) without self-punishment or angst. You are learning to be yourself in a new world with new actions and words. Self-punishment is a 3D action. Self-worth is new you.

Perhaps you tell someone something you feel uncomfortable about once you process that action. You will likely not do or say something similar in the future. Not because you are following rules but because you are discovering the paths or interests that are not who you wish to be.

As you discover yourself, you will make what you consider mistakes along the way. Those mistakes will not diminish who you are or are becoming unless you allow them to.

Stop punishing yourself for not being perfect in word, thought, or deed. Start realizing you are a new being in a new world, sensing who you are becoming by hitting some obstacles during those explorations. Nothing you can do now will alter who you are becoming. You are merely developing a road map of who you are with a few directional turns that do not feel comfortable.

You do not maintain the ‘wrongness’ or even remember hitting your sandbox friend with a plastic pail as a toddler; the same is true now.

There are no mistakes, merely lessons in learning who you are or are becoming. Allow yourself to make what you consider mistakes. Or punish yourself as you have in 3D for eons, and you will never fully claim yourself.

You are discovering yourself. Allow that to be without angst, fear, or regret. And allow the same for others.

You are newborns. Something your 3D society does not allow once you leave childhood and before you claim dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. You are not wrong, evil, or unforgivable. You are merely discovering who you are and what interests you, just as you did when you entered the Earth in every Earth life you experienced.

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