Who You Human Beings of Earth Really Are ∞The Andromedan Council of Light, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“We are the Andromedan Council of Light, and we are very excited to be connecting with you. 

We see you as you truly are, and we hold that space for you so that you may see yourselves in the same way. We invite you to join us in our rejoicing over the beings that you are becoming through your experiences there on Earth. We know that your sense of self is changing and it is changing rapidly, and we also know that you can always feel for the true self within you, and you can begin operating as your true self as soon as you decide to do so. 

You are letting go of so much while on your journeys, and some of that letting go is voluntary. Other times you are letting go of something because you absolutely have to. Either way, what you are stripping away is what you are not, and what lies underneath what you are not is what you are. Anything that gets you to go within and feel for the truth of who you are is a blessing, and sometimes what gets you to do that feels like a curse. You may feel like your chronic fatigue is a curse, but if it slows you down enough to get you to go within and feel for who you really are, then it was and is a blessing in disguise. 

We invite you to see everything in your lives as a blessing and to ask yourself how it is helping you to become more of who you truly are. When we talk about who you truly are, we are talking about the infinite, eternal you that is unconditional love. We are talking about the Source Energy Self, the Divine Self that you came to know yourself more as through the experience of the physical reality. So it may seem as though the physical reality is responsible for you not knowing yourself as a Source Energy Being, but it was in fact designed to get you to know yourself as a Source Energy Being but through experiences.

So for example, when you see footage online of someone rescuing someone else during an extreme flooding of their town, you are witnessing someone knowing themselves as Source Energy through that experience of being the hero. There are opportunities for you all to be heroes every single day, and sometimes they are as simple as returning that phone call, that message or that email to the person who is reaching out to you in need. Sometimes being a hero simply means smiling at a stranger as you pass them on the street or asking the cashier how their day is going.

You can be a hero in so many ways, and you can ask for more opportunities from the universe, from your higher self, to experience yourself in that way. You get to know yourself as a Source Energy Being in the flesh, and that is an exciting experience and one that you knew would be worth all of the pain that you would experience there in your physical lives. Now, those of us in the higher realms continue to hold that space for you and invite you into it as your higher selves cook up the next group of opportunities for you to know yourselves as you truly are. And we know that you will all answer the call, because you understand now more than ever how good you feel when you do.

We are the Andromedan Council of Light, and we have enjoyed serving you in this way.”

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