The energies continue unabated, and we are in an accelerated process of integration now, which barely leaves time for us to catch our breath. We receive a wallop of cosmic energies, we’re energized, we’re laid low, and then reinvigorated. We get some things done. And then comes another wallop. And the process repeats. There’s little time to even think about what is taking place, so fast is it happening.

We have made yet another big shift this past weekend. On Sunday the experience was so new I was unsure how to put it into words. But we continue to expand our awareness and to relax into knowing that all is well, and we are OK. In spite of being tired and maybe hobbling around, we are becoming our absolutely incredible new selves. So we shifted on Sunday, on Monday I was very tired and wondered if I wanted to continue with all of this, and today, Tuesday, I was back up on my dragon and saying “Bring it. This is worth every bit of what we are going thru to do what we’re doing.”

Sunday morning, a memory popped in involving two friends, but it was not a memory from this life. And yet the friends were exactly who they are in this life and I was also the same. The best I can say is it is a parallel life. I was looking at this memory and trying to make sense of it, because I knew I didn’t recognize it, and then it began to fade. That often happens when things pop in from other dimensional spaces.

When water floods, you will see it form many pathways and then one pathway will become dominant. I feel this “memory” was showing me that we are constantly choosing which path we will follow and letting the other ones go. This shows us the power of our current choices. We are choosing all the time what we want to have happen, even if it’s just with the way we are thinking. We can literally choose to be new, and that’s what is happening now. We are choosing to be new, in the new energy, in the New Earth. And we’re pulling our physical bodies with us because they are our densest part.

We are being shown that we are creators, creating what is around us. We have moved into our power to do this, and we are now able to create many things. We are receiving pictures of things that are going to happen in our lives, so that we can make choices that support the path we are on.

This is an incredible time, and we continue to open and unfold into all this newness, like beautiful flowers.

This is an incredible time, and we continue to open and unfold into all this newness, like beautiful flowers that exist because of the sun and follow the sun during the day, turning toward this globe of brilliance to receive the most light and embellishment and transformational energy they can. We are in the embellishment and transformational stage too, moving into our holiness and greatness, wanderers all of us, connecting on this world-wide web and finding the others who are also on this journey, sharing who we are and why we are here and feeling happy and relieved to connect. We are all standing in our truth and it is beautiful to behold. And we are grateful to find others who are like us as we proceed forward at what feels like an increasing speed.

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