I am Faith, and so are you!

I will talk about what makes a faith into a good one!

But firstly! WHAT is faith?

Faith is basic, the first heavenly energy that everything started with.

And what started? The Big Bang!

Faith is an energy! Faith is the foundation to a house. 

Faith is the pilars that holds up all the other energies, as hope, love, gratitude and more.

For if you don´t have faith, you can not have any other either.

Before the Big Bang and before the grand creation started, Faith made everyone come together.

Faith is not alone and could not create without the others.

In fact all the different energies as love, hope, faith, goodness, harmony, balance, gratitude, rythm, music and more are dependent on each other.

So all these energies, or rather the masters of these energies came together and created Earth.

So for you my dear friend; all of these energies are what you are made of.

All of these energies are what you actually need to feel okay.

And then, the good faith? What is that? Who is that?

Faith is an energy firstly, on a house, it is the foundation. On you it is your feet.

Without a clear good faith you are not properly grounded!

And this in turn will make your connection with higher realms harder to achieve.

So what really defines a good faith?

Well it is not about religion! It is not about a punctuality in going to church each Sunday.

A good faith is about gratitude to a dewdrop! A good faith is loving each flower and having a knowing. 

I talk about the inner knowing that all have a good purpose.

And if someone can´t be good in this lifetime, they will be so, in the next.

A good faith have just as much patience as God has.

The good faith has endless patience for goodness to grow everywhere and gratitude for love the strongest of energies.

It falls back onto your own patience many times!

And you have to remember that a good faith always works together with hope and love. It is a sacred trinity! 

In the house, the hearth, the fireplace, symbolizes love. And hope is the windows. 

When I talk about that good faith is being kidnapped, it is so for some use faith for negative purposes. 

A good faith is like a shepherd. Faith walks as the last person behind the flock, always checking up on everyone, taking care of those that needs it. Walking last in line means that Faith have an eye on everyone walking infront of her. She does not miss out on anyone or anything happening.

The good faith is a true mother of all. She nurtures all that needs it. She does not want to walk first, taking the credit for anything. She wants to work and she does not think anyone should pay her back. For her it is a true calling. 

The good Faiths best friend is God! 

And there where more to the Big Bang as well:

there where the Animal Kingdom, The Plant Kingdom, The Mineral Kingdom and all the other peoples as Giants, Trolls, Fairies, Vittras and more. And the elements too! And I will say that time is an element as well!

All the animals are ambassadors here on Earth, coming from another place in the Universe from before the Big Bang.

Time is part of the equation of Earth! 

You are ambassadors of awakened souls coming from different places of the Universe too.

If you are an Arcturian, or Pleidian, or Sirian, or Andromedan or from other places, it does not really matter, for you actually have your feet on Earth right now!

The most important thing is that you acknowledge yourself for someone that came through the eye of the needle and holding the torch of freedom in your hand. It is not an easy process! It takes blood sweat and tears!

But now you have to define your faith so that you can ground yourself properly. Ask yourself these questions please:

What does really matter to you?

What is important to you?

What warms your heart with love when you feel and think of something?

What do you dream about? 

What would you like to create?

I am Faith and I love you so much more that you can ever believe!

Now it is high time for you to manifest what you love, what you hold in your heart.

It is time to manifest and create this into this dimension that you live in. When everyone of you do this, you will lift Mother Earth up into higher dimension!

You have your unique colors, unique patterns and you glow in your own light that no one else has, and you even have an unique song of your heart. So it is time for you to understand that no one can ever replace you and do your thing. You need to step up for YOU now! 

The light I see from the Universe is so beautiful for you all create a symphony of light and sound together. But some of you doubt yourselves and this dims the light. It is time to shine in full light now! 

You are the ones! You are the ones you have been waiting for!

You have been waiting for yourself!

I love you so much, you can always confide in me whenever you like, and I would so very much like to hold your hand in mine,

forver yours


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