Undoubtedly the least fun part of this whole ascension process is the exhaustion. And it’s still happening, along with days where we simply don’t accomplish much and don’t feel motivated. We’re releasing our old way of being here, of doing doing doing, so that we can embrace our new way of being, which won’t be filled with endless chores. We will be free of so much “busywork” and the endless repetitive tasks of 3D.

In this new energy we continue to go with what shows up for us. We are having times when we can create instantly in surprising ways, and times that call for surrender. We’re experiencing both.

On a recent day I had errands to do, and I was hoping for no traffic. Interestingly, there was none, and no lines in any stores. It was as if the seas parted and everything I did was effortless. Everything I needed was in stock, including something that has been out of stock for months, and the one small kitchen appliance I had to replace was happily on sale. Two employees appeared to help me find it, when normally in that store it is a big challenge to find anyone who can help. Everything happened as if it was mapped out, as if the path was prepared. And in this new energy, that is one thing we are doing, making pathways. And we are finding that they are now securely in place and working. We are building our new frequency infrastructure.

There is so much taking place in the old world that we can’t keep up with it, nor are we very interested. Some of it is true, some is not, and lately it can be hard to tell the difference. But more and more of late, we are withdrawing into our own world, creating what we want to see, and enjoying the quiet, peaceful environment we have put in place. In a cosmic evolutionary experience, with no guidebook, we move intuitively, listening to our own guidance. All we can do is our best as we navigate all this newness and learn about it.

We are learning to trust, to let go in the flow and know that we can create. We are releasing the control many have had in their lives, out of fear of not being safe. We are learning we are safe, and we are carried by the current of the new consciousness. We are deciding what we want in our lives and what we don’t.

We are learning to honor ourselves and to be true to ourselves, to stand in our sovereignty. We know that there are those who won’t understand, but we move ahead with this anyway. It is who we are now. We have embodied the heart consciousness, and it has changed us. We now want meaningful connections and relationships that contribute.

We are living in new vibrational frequencies, which means our experiences are different from many that we know. We’re choosing to let go of the struggle.

We have been thru a huge amount of change and personal growth. We are feeling ready for something new. Yet we also feel an imminent release of something big, very big. We may wonder if this is our whole 3D life. Will we remember it? Will the people we know still be around us? There are many unknowns in this process. But remember, we are creating as we go. It is important to continue to create what we want to see. Nothing is carved in stone. All is open to the creative process, which is why we are here. After all, you do not bring in master creators unless that is precisely what is needed. We are creating something completely new that has never been created before. There are people saying this and that and the other. Remember, as creators we need to follow the voice within that is guiding us, that has been guiding us since our first breath. The voice within, the knowing within, the Creator Self that is connected to All Creation, these are the tools we are using to make our new experience. This is all we need to know.

And those of you who are here to create know who you are. Yours is often a solitary path, and you may have tried to figure this out many times, but it is solitary during the most crucial time of creation, when our focus and attention is needed to create what we know how to do. Many do not know or have access to this. So continue on, do your best, take care of yourself, say what is true, and love yourself. Creation is by far the most challenging thing we have ever done. It takes great care and dedication. And yet we can do it. We know what to do.

Move ahead one step at a time. Embody all the energy, continue to move into all the newness, and have no fear. There are going to be magnificent shifts, and we are seeing just the beginning of this. This year will be pivotal. Thank you for being one of the creators. Thank you for all that you are contributing. Even tho we don’t know each other, we are working together energetically, and thus we are connected. Sending you all love and feeling the love you are sending as well.

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