I am Ursus and a long time ago I was born from the collective of Ur.

And who am I really?

I represent the bears of Earth.

And we need to speak up!

And we also need to stand our ground!

And how come is this so important for us?

You need us, and we need you. If we were not any more, the circle of life would be damaged. And nothing would stay the same.

You as a human are used to spread out, to reach out and get more and more?

And if there is a bump in the road you immediately eliminate it, you take it away.

And you take us away too. As we are a bump in your road as to speak.

But we are all a part of HER,

and I of course mean our beloved Mother Earth.

You need to find a new way of living on Earth, because when you take away, when you eliminate all the hinders, as you see it, you will soon find that you actually eliminate the very life you live yourself.

I know it sounds brusk and maybe hard for me to say, but this is actually the true reality. 

We all live here on her and we need to find a way to live side by side, it is up to you to figure it out. You have scientists and academics and wise people, you will find a way, that does not disturb the life of Mother.

You might think: What does the bears do? Can a bear be important to the life on Earth?

Well see it like this, and I will explain in a metafor:

If you where on a ship at sea, in the middle of the great ocean, and you had set the sails and you would like to reach a port before the storm hits you, then you ask the navigator to find the straight and also the most secure way home to port, and that is the role of the bears.

We are wayseekers, pathfinders, and we hold the memories of the paths that lead home. We are like a library of the Universe, and we carry it, at every step we take on Earth. We are also very spiritual and we know you more than you can ever know.

I don´t say, go and pet a bear. Oh no. Bears are dangerous! But please build your life around us, and not by running straight over us and eliminating us.

When you take over land and live there on the ashes and bones of those before you, you inherit a soulless life, with a sorrow that never go away. And you might have a pretty home with a lot of things in it. but you feel hollow on the inside, and that is because the life that you could have shared with those that lived there before, that you thought was a bump in the road, they would have made your life complete, and you would feel content if you had only worked it out. 

Co-existance is the way to go. And we still await you to find a way!

You will feel a lot better, and you will even find joy in your lifes.

We even love you because we have walked a similar way a long time ago, so we know what really makes everyone truly glad, and that is co-existance with Mother Earth as everyone has an important task.


💓Hallo dear friend! I am Kerstin Eriksson and I am the channeler of this message from Ursus. 

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