I am Ur and I am very old and I would like to talk about something that you do not know so much about nowadays.

A long time ago this was common knowledge.

It is about your hair.

And what about it?

Hair is just hair?

Oh no!

Every hair matters, in fact every straw matters more than you can ever know.

And how?

Firstly the hair is a part of you, and of course you think, it is no secret but I have not even started explaining yet.

Your hair is your antennas. As you feel with, and take note of things.

Your hair is also a memory bank. With stored memories.

You can use your hair for direct sensitivity, here and now, to feel what is going on. And you can use your hair to remember things back in time, you can feel back in time, what was really going on.

And this is only the beginning to what your hair is all about.

And now you say: but the hair is a dead material? Like nails and so?

And yes but you miss out on a very important thing now!

There is no death!

There are only transformations! 

In other words, your hair is magic!

But if I would explain this a little bit more, and that is that there is water in every straw. And water is?

Water is a kind of life! Water can feel feelings! Water communicates with other water all around! Water has a unified consciousness.

Water is an element!

Why do you think they say “the hair is dead”? How livefull do you feel then?

Hair matters a lot! Keep your hair short if you like or long if you prefer. I am no judge of haircuts.

Many cut their hair when they need a change, a new start! And that is a good idea! 

For instance: If you lived for five miserable years and all along collected a long hair, your hair is a reflection of you, and maybe also a little sad? 

But all you need to do is go out into the sunlight, and let out your long hair and let the sun shine on it, for 15 minutes each day, for 21 days in a row. Then you help your hair to reset, into a neutrality! 

So you don´t have to cut off a long hair, if you don´t want to. There are other ways! 

You see, your hair knows you! Your hair knows all about your sadness and also about your glader days. Your hair is all of it, both the sad and the happy, and foremost it is your private antennas connected with your crown chakra.

Your spine actually communicates with your crown chakra and there all your antennas are the receivers of a lot of information.

And it goes for all your hair on your body, so actually every straw matters, a lot more than you can imagine!

So feel your joy for whole of you, even your hair!

I love you,


💓Hallo dear friend! I am Kerstin Eriksson and I am the channeler of this message from Ur.

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