Time Meditation

Time is a  subtle universal law. Areon, the Lyran Council of Time, says that Time speaks directly to your Subtle Bridge.

As you relax the density of your thoughts, emotions and intentions, you are relaxing into the Connected Self that knows all is well and changing.

[Note: my FAVORITE part of the video is two little leaves that are waving such joy! See if you can see them and hear them at 10 seconds and about 1:45 into the video. They make me cry tears of love. :o)]

Blended Time

You are relaxing into infinite Time rather than just linear Time.

You are relaxing into your infinite self.

In the realm of physicality, linear Time is the effect of the subtle law. You see it, are immersed in it and abide by it’s effect.

To be an effective creator, you are aware of it, yet not bound by it. Relax the how and when of creation and let your empowered patience teach you who you really are.

The mirror of synchronicity will reveal your reflection.

The impulse of action will reveal Time’s door.

The release of tension will reveal your mastery.

Now Time

Time is merely a marker of what-was into what-is.

You are the maker of what-is into evolution.

Who will you be?

The eternal now is your power of re-cognition. What do you rewrite in your storylines intersecting? What do you rewire in your neurons interacting?

What do you re-member from the past? Re-matter it so, for the physical separation never cuts Life from life.

It is merely Time connected, remembering the future’s form.

You are eternal.

It’s Time to remember your true self.

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